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You two pulled away staring deep into each others eyes. The Letting Go of Preferences. Much to your dismay, it’s Zayn’s plane that is called this time. You were embarrassed to admit that you were on your period. Harry: You and Harry go to have a little walk aroung the streets. If anyone has a prompt you can message me and I'll write the one-shot as fast as I can. But he needs to understand. You and all the boys go to give their luggage to the people working. One Direction Preferences. You had planned to come home and set-up a romantic dinner with your boyfriend and tell him that you were expecting his baby, but you came home. Much like her father, Darcy is extremely cheeky. 202. Do NOT request Zianourry, OCF and/or threesome+ one-shots. Proving that no matter where each of the four stars' paths take them, . One Direction just seems so incomplete without Zayn! So, how do the other four boys feel about him bailing on their world tour to go make up with Perrie back in the UK?! One Direction Fans self harm for Zayn Malik One Direction before Zayn's departure. You started down the stairs, pausing by the doorway to pick up your camera bags. ” He wouldn’t make eye contact with you. It was almost time for him to board the plane. Preference #1: your daughter asked you/him to kiss him/you. You contemplated it for a second, but then figured that was not too much of a hassle for him. "What's this?" you laugh, watching him hold up each box as if it were a game show prize. and you remember him (part 3) from the story One Direction Preferences by he asks, gesturing for you to carry on walking, "I'd hate myself if I just let you  Sep 26, 2014 Management Asks A Favor Harry: “Can you get that?” Harry asks “We are asking that you keep him at home for the next month. Niall: You two could admit, the worst part of your relationship is saying 'Bye' at the airport when he leaves for tour. You rarely ever stood up to her. Preference #12: How You Wake Him up in the Morning Zayn: You don’t. You start unbuttoning Harry’s button up shirt, and moving down still kiss him passionately. He sped off into the direction of the hospital, and you sucked in a few sharp breaths. He pitters around in the bathroom while you shower and is on hand with your towel once the water shuts off. #25-He Falls Asleep on You (Louis) You zipped up your suitcase and picked up your carry on, before looking over at Louis. Pick your bandage of choice!" You point towards the stripes and smile as he carefully presses one over your cut. It’s not fair for me either but I’m going to push through because this baby deserves a chance. May 15, 2017 Harry Styles has opened up about his time in One Direction in a new The Sun: “On the first couple of tours it was so exciting as we'd have a drink and go to parties. I’m mainly going to write One Direction imagines and preferences now, because I felt it got a bit confusing last time when I was writing both One Direction and 5SOS. You felt as if you’d been running after him all day, and you were. There were tears in his eyes. ) with 28,587 reads. You watch as the boys says bye to their girlfriends and family members, gathering their stuff. As you carry on with the evening’s work you can’t help but feel as if you’re being watched and every time you glance over to his table you make a split second of eye contact before he drags his gaze away. Personality does play a big role in shaping the direction in which the self  Your student will most likely not possess one style exclusively but you may be able to see patterns in their learning preferences. ” Your mom looked startled as she found her way to her seat. Thankfully after endless hours of playing and feeding him, he went to sleep and hell so did you. “Yes Harry. One Direction began recording the album in May 2012, in Stockholm at Kinglet Studios. “That’s a lot more water than I thought that cup could hold. reveal to you more effective ways to teach them using their preferred learning styles. You said “ I wanted to capture this moment on camera” James said “your such a dork but I love you ” you said laughing and gave him one more kiss. It was nearly evening and he just got home from a very stressful day. 009) The story behind one of Harry's tweets 010) He's upset about the paparazzi & you take him out, but he ends up getting in   Nov 9, 2013 “I will make you one when you're not pregnant and I can guarantee you won't . The road was slippery as you tried to turn. After he came home from another night at the pub, you once again threw his pillows and blankets out into the hall and closed the door. I do preferences and I would really appreciate it if you guys read them and give me feed back please check it out in the link and you can request preferences to. Joy Conquers Fear at Emotional One Love Manchester Benefit “All the love and unity you’re displaying is the medicine the world needs right now,” Ariana Grande tells fans at moving, star Oh WOW!!! I bought the flamingo one and I love, love it so much because of the size, folds away into a ball so I can carry it in my purse or in glovebox I want all three plus maybe get some more for gifts. You car slipped on the road and you slammed on your breaks. That hurt you. I'm a Harry girl but ship Narry hard. Zayn: “mommy hide me!” Your 3 year old daughter shrieked “why?” You asked curiously “you should hide now Sophie!” Zayn yelled. Jun 26, 2015 One Direction have answered many a difficult question in their five First of all, let's just take a moment to concentrate on the fact that none of the 1D boys trying to hold on to it as long as you can without them taking it back. Who is your favorite One Direction member and why? I'm really bored and I love One Direction so I'd love to know, who is your favorite and why? My favorite is Harry, because he has an amazing voice and I really want to touch his hair. I have 5 boyfriends Niall, Harry, Zayn, Liam and Louis. Carrying With One Direction What does he carry everywhere to remind him of you? Harry - A leather bracelet that you used to wear everywhere. “Ready to go?” You inquired. You squezees his ass and he says “Don’t stop. I have to carry the damn thing for 9 months. You Make Him Sleep on the Couch Louis: It was always this way. 2. -hey loves hope you liked it send in your requests I have decided to start doing one direction imagines/preferences so send in your requests on any janoskian or 1D member it can be anything you Harry Styles Interracial Preferences #11: He Cheats imagine for Alexus. A/N Im sorry I couldn’t add fluff if it wasn’t good im sorry its my first, I hoped you liked it I changed it a bit from the prompt so sorry, and of you like me to re-write it no problem,:D What others are saying OMG idk if i wanna laugh or just laugh 😂😂😂😂😂 in your bank account This is sick What an icon! I never saw them brag about there money by riding expensive cars just to take pis with them or really big houses so much room you don't need or even pics of there Rolex or stuff , they just want to be normal , no need to be brag or anything they are already winners. I just can’t have kids. It was just the way you were. "Nonsense. You start crying and he hugs you and whispers sweet things in your ear telling you how it’s not true and how you are strong then you hear the front door open and close. By the end of the night, your mom and dad saw behind Zayn’s shell, and warmed up to him. Read Preference- You only want him around from the story One Direction clean imagines by JanelZayn1D (JellyBelly Malik <3s U) with 8,649 reads. ‘Lets go, babe. Preferences: You moan someone else's name. But hey, it's an advantage for you Preference #2- Bringing your kids to one of his shows (Harry) *Requested by Anon:) Harry- It’s been a month since Harry left for another tour. January 2016. You sit on Harry’s lap on the floor in the closet, ‘So, what should we-‘ you cut him off by smashing your lips with his passionately, straddling him. You confront him and muuuuch smut! Xx Carly. You carry on a simple conversation with him until he arrives at your flat. If you were standing up for a boy, she realized you must really love him. As much as you don’t want to, you pull away from Zayn and hand him his back-pack that you had offered to carry for him. He carries you to the couch and just sits there cuddling and kissing you until you stop crying and manage to tell him what happened. You say, snaking your arms up around his shoulder blades and cherishing the silent moment. ” He said. Anonymous said: This is gonna sound really weird, but could you do a blurb where you're a virgin, and one of the boys is like trying to give you sex advice because you're nervous, and it turns into You quickly spin around. Harry and Louis are stocking up on food, Zayn is at the trail head looking for maps, and Niall is already at the beach. Direction and Drive. He held your hand the whole night and it wasn’t until you had to many huge stuffed animals to carry that you stopped going on rides. Read 148: He hears you talking to the other girlfriends/boys about him from the story -One Direction Preferences- by MelissaWildd (Melissa Wild) with And I didn't and he carried on, I even have bruises on my hips and love bites everywhere. You nod and walk quickly to the car, buckling him in beside his brother before getting back in the passenger Erm, I doubt it. “Niall! My water broke!” You squealed, and he picked you up, to carry you to the car. I love him. Liam- “Liam I am sorry, this is going to sound ridiculous but can you put my shoes on for me?” You asked looking down to the heels you had on the floor next to You meet him in a zombie apocalypse Your POV Zayn: So many zombies were around me, this time I didn’t have any way to scape, that was the end of y life. The sound of your voice catches him off guard, but the second his sea blue eyes find you his face breaks into a million dollar grin. 2019 Finnair; Terms of use · Privacy Policy · Cookie policy · Set your cookie preferences. Finding a guy is one thing, but keeping him around is another. You and him got into a fight at his house that you live in now, ending in him shouting that he wishes you weren’t born. They love being able to practically just carry you around everywhere. You loved him too, but you were in pain, as well as complete disbelief that he'd actually kissed someone else. Nov 26, 2014 In all honesty, I was listening to the boys of One Direction anyway (yes, 'Girl Almighty:' In some alternate universe, they bring a bar to ovation artistic liberties, I get it) and you're stealing every piece of her heart… . The singer opened up about Malik’s recent departure from the popular boy band One Direction, of course, has vowed to carry on "My life with One Direction has been more than I could ever have and remember website preferences. A smile grew as you glanced out into the crowd and noticed Niall, holding your little brother on his hip as he was stood up, screaming for your team. You willingly let him carry you on his back up the stairs, mentally screaming. You are not fucking leaving me, there is no way in hell I’m letting that happen. You were home alone with your 4 year old daughter Darcy. “See this is a drink and you need to drink one and have a good time. You get into a car accident Louis: The rain was ridiculously hard to look through. “I have a few questions here from fans, and I am going to ask the more vague ones, this way you don’ have to give anything away that you don’ want to, okay?” Read You give him a love bite from the story One Direction Preferences by CaitlinNicoleee (Caitlin) with reads. dependent—you may become the guardian who gives direction and controls the decision-making process and that their perspectives and preferences are heard. Liam: He was clearly upset about it but he said it was fine “liam you know your the only one who can pleasure me”You told him trying to get him back in the mood “it didn’t sound like it”he mumbled “liam I’m sorry I don’t know why I said his name”you said “I know I’m sorry I’m just upset”he said “I know how to make Liam: You and Liam were going to go for an exotic hike in the rainforest today for your honeymooning week. ” You said following him. She was obviously to much of a slag to care about who she was sleeping with. He swallowed, setting the glass down, "thanks beautiful. This will broaden their skills and thinking, and make them more rounded and capable. He picks you up and carries you to the couch. You say can you please carry me to the couch and I will show you. #38 He Makes Fun of Something You Love (Louis) “Are you ready to go, love?” Louis called. But it was no use. Given the patient's condition and the family's request, which one of the following actions should you take? Transport the patient to the emergency department Medical direction has ordered you to administer one dose of oral glucose to a diabetic patient with confusion. "T-ti-inkwles" Zayn says really quietly, kicking his legs gently. You knocked on the door, hanging up the phone at the "Thanks, but you really don't have to--" He cuts you off and grabs your backpack for you as well. You laughed and hung up, but followed his advice. By using the site, you consent to these One Direction is moving on without former member Zayn Malik. . Page 2 Read Making Up from the story Avengers/Marvel Preferences by Haylie_Marie_ (Hayz) with reads. tomlinson, r Read #9 - You throw him a surprise birthday party. He had texted you saying he You two do a lot of fun and romantic things over that short week. onedirection, liampayne, ni Anywhere you turned, he was going the other way, getting into something of Niall’s. “Yeah,” Louis replied, tucking his phone into his You weren't surprised when he replied quickly, 'Take as long as you need. Preference #8: You tell him you're pregnant, he gets mad and leaves, but he ends up coming back (Request) Notes: Hey everyone! First of all, I just want to say thanks to the lovely anon who requested You walked over to where he lay, handing him the glass and two round pills. But what are some of the secrets of women who find men willing to commit? This is not an all-encompassing guide, but it may be a start in helping you develop deeper relationships. Savan Kotecha, Rami Yacoub, and Carl Falk, who composed One Direction's hits "What Makes You Beautiful" and "One Thing", spent six months in Stockholm developing songs for the album, and were able to shape melodies around their tones. This one is quite long but I really like the story line. Just give him a chance. Singer Harry Styles of One Direction, winners of the Favorite Pop/Rock Album for Take Me Home, larries: he doesn't mean it let's continue to fetishize him and harry to see if we're this uncomfortable i can't imagine how they're feeling. "Are you ok babe?" you sit down next to him, and he quickly wraps his arms around you. Please understand that. You had no idea what time it was because as soon your head it the pillow on the couch you were Zayn asked eagerly and you would ask, "And what would that be?" Zayn wouldn't say anything as he would pick you up bridal style and carry you upstairs to your bed as Zayn would shower your face with kisses and they continued even after he laid you down on the bed. to find him having sex with some randomer. Liam looks at you with glittering chocolate eyes and you both take a breath  Read You bump into them at a store from the story One Direction Preferences by Girlnotonfire (Naqi. Smiling, he shakes his head before handing it back over to you. When told she was going to go to school she was extremely excited, not worried one bit. Here are people. So, please leave a request for any imagined or preferences you may have for any of the One Direction boys and I’ll start writing as soon as I can! You can’t help but feel insecure and you start to feel like you aren’t meant for Harry. Harry- Actress. “(Y/N), will you stay?” “Sure. ’ Harry says taking your hand and leading you into the closet. I'll carry you to bed when the movie's over," he muttered, still rubbing your arm. and strategies learners might take toward their work and how they engage with others when they learn. "I'm surprised no one recognized you yet," you comment, as you both make your way through the halls towards the main entrance. ” You gave him a small smile before walking toward the door. Louis: You were sitting in one of the folding studio chairs back stage. (a bunch of customers were being rude to you) _____ Niall: You two had a pet fish for a few months now, and you loved it! (fish were your favourite animals) Then one day Niall went to feed it and it was belly up. Walking alongside Cher, zayn thought you were asleep on his shoulder but his thoughts were dismissed when you started talking “thank you zayn! Today was the best day ever! I love you” you say hugging him slightly “I love you too”. Liam- You were nine full months pregnant and you were ready to pop at any minuet. ” If we are really considering others as more significant than ourselves, Anyone who tends towards one or other extreme needs to consider how to adopt elements of the other approach. ” Niall commanded, anger clear in his voice as he tried to refrain from attacking the man in front of his child. We try to imagine a piece of the lifestyles of the rich and famous by  Nov 17, 2012 "I stood guard at night to stop girls getting into their rooms": One Direction's This lady didn't understand why we couldn't take her offer. Why would u do that>>>I died a little You dad mouths "you better take care of her">>>you. 288. “You know that you drive me crazy…and how easy you get me to an direction errection” he whisper into your ear. Harry helps you into your pjs ans picks you up to carry you to bed, despite your protests. “Yeah, that’s probably it. Love yourself. You would stop for a ride or a game when you passed but mostly you walked around taking in the excitement. ” Slowly crawling over to him, you put your hand under his chin and made him look at you. “Oh my god, (Y/N)?” he whispers, stunned to see you standing before him in the doorway, “what are you doing here?” Rushing to his side, you throw your arms around his neck, hugging tight to one another. You giggle as you feel the strangest buzz in your head and outlines of figures and sparks of colors. Maybe you’ve seen me working here before. "And here we've got some striped ones. Preference 9: Your water breaks. Liam – One Direction camping trip! The six of you are taking a break from the hectic show-biz schedule to get some well-deserved R & R. You drove Harry to the airport and helped him carry all of his luggage out. You kick your legs in the air but one kick lands on Liam’s private area. Harry: You roll on top of him and give him #3 You trip in front of him. You were a photo-sensitive epileptic, so it was too risky to be out in the audience at a show. You watch Harry as he wraps your cast in plastic, entirely focused on the task at hand and you’ve never loved him more. "Here we have some Angry Birds bandages," he says with his best announcer voice as he raises a brow. HBO’s new series “Euphoria” has stirred up another big controversy after airing an animated sex scene featuring former One Direction band members Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. You manage to find one single candle, and lighting it, you carry it through to the living room, finding Zayn with his eyes tight shut. ” You mumbled, and your eyes widened in surprise. Harry: You were. You were having the worst day ever, your boss had fired you because you were a couple of minutes late, your car had broken down and your phone had run of battery meaning you couldn’t call anyone. Stay calm. “Take him to the car Y/N. They love to tease you with all of the short jokes. Slowly you two had been making your way around the carnival grounds. He sure had a lot. You romped through the soggy forrest, jumping over mossy rocks and rotting trees. He shrugs and carry you a few feet to the nearest door, which happens to be a bathroom. You giggle and carry him to his bedroom, laying him on the floor gently, distracting him with his rattle, which he absolutely loves. For example, Philippians 2:3-4 reads, “Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Pro athletes and executives use them, so why shouldn't you? Your communication style, work style, learning preferences, unique gifts, each day and put it towards learning how to take control of your career? Dec 4, 2018 Get one more story in your member preview when you sign up. ” You tried pushing past him to get to the door but he stopped you, pulling you tight against his chest. He shakes his rattle happily as you quickly change him. But then you lost control and you fell for him and when you you told him that you wanted a serious relationship he broke up with you (and when I fell hard you took a step back). ” “Oh my god…not here at the beach. Zayn: “You didn’t mean that, Y/n. Yours/his child from a previous relationship calls you/him mommy/daddy Louis: Since the day you introduced your three year old, Collin to Louis, they've been inseparable. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. According to The Independent, 1D’s show on Saturday in Johannesburg, South Africa started with an introductory video that did not include the former member. You made your way down the street as slow as you possibly could. You and Niall hit it off and after a couple of dates, you guys became the Hollywood It Couple. (requested) preference: ddm, he’s your stepfather (Niall, 17) You could hear him cheering before you actually saw him. Your eyes blinked open lazily, aching slightly from the untimely awakening. ” Liam says with a grunt as he hauls you up. You gently kiss him on the lips to calm him down, then you lift him up. You’ve tried in the past and learned the hard way that it’s just not going to happen. Imagine: him looking at you like this while your walking down the aisle on y'all's wedding day Search, discover and share your favorite One Direction Imagine GIFs. He struggles to turn the knob and hold you up. Preference: You give him something . May 7, 2019- Read You're adopted and he hates you from the story One Direction Bsm Preferences by Directioner_2140 with 10,357 read In the end of the day though, you were exhausted so Zayn had to carry you back to the car. Do you know where your teen sibling is? Might be a good time to check on them: Boy band sensation One Direction just announced that member Zayn Malik has left the band. Yes, you were in Gryffindor but you never had the courage to go up to him and just simply talk to him. from the story One Direction Preferences by Stylesents (Michelle) with 82 reads. Jan 8, 2018 I remember going to a party one time and telling some people I had become a career coach. “Harry—“ “Not over my fucking sister, Y/n. You throw your head back at that and groan, because you just didn't know what to do. You told him the road, and then he warned you to stay in your locked vehicle. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, Manage Preferences Pop acts have forever had big, epic songs delivered to them, and for 1D this isn't the problem. “(YN) Come here!” He demanded pulling you away from the rest of the guys and Zayn. He’s super upset and yells ignorantly at you, not remembering how hard you work for him. Your mother has neglected to take her diabetes medications, severely your home is certainly one option, but you and your family should take some time to . Thank you! I’m happy you like them. You dad mouths "you better take care of her">>>you. “Y/N is wonderful, she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me, besides One Direction,” he says, seeing a picture of you and him from Instagram appear on the screen. And he loves me. ” You give him a friendly smile. Once you choose a medical power of attorney, continue talking with him or  Sep 16, 2008 Children no longer need to imagine a stick is a sword in a game or child- directed, imaginative play –unencumbered by adult direction, Unless you don't mind creative messes everywhere, give them a Encourage them to find more than one route to a solution, and more than one solution to a problem. Both are important steps. For 5–11-year-olds travelling alone, we take responsibility for the child for the duration of his or her flight, from the Fees for the unaccompanied minor service range from €40 to €120 per direction per child. Liam Payne offered up his best wishes to ex-bandmate Zayn Malik during an interview with the UK’s Capital FM. carried, bad, prgenant. ” He patted the space excitedly beside him on the bed, gesturing for you to join him. But you knew that it was only in the heat of the moment, that’s why, while you were listening to Zayn plead and cry, you were already on the doorstep. You two had always fought, and then made up in the morning. ” you say and stop squeezing his ass. L xx'. You gave it to him right before he left for tour. That was just who Lou was. You two were into deep embraces giving each other sweet kisses. Cookie Policy · GDPR Commitment · Communications Preferences. Harry: There was an awkward silent’s “I’m sorry it slipped out”you whispered, harry just nodded “its fine I guess”he mumbled back “i swear I wasn’t thinking of him it just came out by mistake”you said trying to convince him that it was an accident “look I’m upset but I know it was an accident, I know you wouldn’t cheat on me But even though it may seem like you're all party, they could always go to you with their girl troubles for advice. AND THEY ARE SO CUTE!!! They are awesome. You were a little scared when a random vehicle, that was not a work truck, pulled up behind you. You were This Pin was discovered by Brenna Bordner. " You smile at him, secretly glad not to have to carry your heavy books. Different parts will interest different people, but I think if you take the time to . "Babe, go to sleep. “ Yeah and you need to work on that or you can take care of her  Jan 13, 2016 The two split due to distance—can you imagine dating a dude who It'll be the first One Direction baby (unless you count Harry who, at 21, fun we decided it was best to keep it to ourselves,” she wrote in her autobiography. A mental image or mental picture is an experience that, on most occasions, significantly The nature of these experiences, what makes them possible, and their 1387) Man of Law's Tale in his Canterbury Tales, where he tells us that one of the three Image codes are things like thinking of a picture of a dog when you are  Use flow charts to map out, explain and communicate processes, so that you can to consist of four main symbols, linked with arrows that show the direction of flow: Better yet, take a hands-on approach and go through the procedure yourself, and complicated, so that you can't represent them on a single piece of paper. Oh, you still like One Direction? . I took the worst decision to hide in a dark I am just a girl who loves one direction a lot. There’s a bench at the top of Primrose Hill, in London, that looks out over the skyline of the city. ”, he tells you. This present was going to be a hard one to top tomorrow. Now you know the reason “mommy” Sophie panicked “okay wait baby” you said looking around where you can hide her “I’m coming!” After a little small talk you all we out on the dance floor and everyone had drinks but you and Harry began to get suspicious. That all changed one day when the little git, Malfoy, started annoying you… “Come on Y/L/N, one date to Hogsmeade is all I’m asking for, plus there Here I'll be posting my One Direction boyxboy one-shots. Then comes the day you’ve been dreading. Imagine- Harry Has a Nightmare and You Comfort Him. That just encouraged him to win more. “As much as I love our fans but it’s very strenuous when they scream all the time. "Remember when a fan tweeted asking you to hug me and take a picture? Jul 21, 2012 1D Preferences #293: You're a famous singer and you record a song with him and "Aw, thank you Liam, but it's fine," you reply, shrugging him off. I took its time to get over him but you were aware that there were no one else to blame than you (‘Cause I knwe you were trouble when you walked in, so shame on me now). 1d Preferences One Direction Preferences One Direction Imagines 1d Imagines One Direction Pictures One Direction Humor I Love One Direction Memes Awesome My dad thinks one direction is a stupid obsession but when u told him that Louis played soccer (I do too), he always compares me to him. *Us is me and Liam, because I've gone this far without admitting a preference, but like. This element describes whether you like external direction, or prefer to drive and develop your projects in your own way. I am just a girl who loves one direction a lot. You are loopy and clumsy. Why would u do that See more Tote Bag Falling In Love Bags Niall Horan One Direction Handbags Carry Tours, Concert, Niall Horan, One Direction, First Crush, Puppy Love, One Direction Preferences. ” He nods. [imagine REQUEST] he bonds with your new baby NIALL: You’re in the nursery folding some laundry and putting it away when you overhear Niall having a conversation with your infant son. “Niall. You were determined to support Louis, though, so you set up shop just off stage so you could listen. . If you’d passed by it one winter night, you might have seen him sitting there. " Zayn: Sneaking into his bedroom, you found him sprawled on top of the covers, with one arm above his head and one on his stomach. Preference 35: You're "Really" Pregnant. “Whether you can have kids or not, I still love you. For the first time since Zayn left 1D, the band has removed him from the video montage that opens the band’s show. Tour is over  Aug 5, 2014 You Call Him Crying Harry: You scroll through the pictures one more time You take a deep breath in, looking at the pictures on your computer  Aug 30, 2012 1D Preferences #439: You, him and one of the boys do a twitcam. How to Get a Man to Marry You. I don’t need you to raise this baby. You call him even if he’s on his way to your flat, you just need to hear his voice to keep you calm. You became quite popular and even performed at the Olympics, which is where you met One Direction. > Harry realizing that Hermione is right and spending hours apologising for ignoring you > Being the only one that believes him when he says Malfoy is a Death Eater > Harry crying into your neck when Dumbledore dies, you holding him as tight as possible > Dancing with Harry at Bill and Fleur’s wedding when he says: English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes. Jan 7, 2015 Did we miss any of your favorite weird One Direction hashtags? . “But you will never get that ass I have. Liam comes to your rescue, and tries to carry you over his shoulder. Just as you were about to open your mouth, he placed you down on your bed lightly, just as if you were a china doll. Occasionally Liam would carry you over his shoulder to clear a mess on the forrest floor, and you’d always give his bum a smack. Also, do NOT ask me to continue/make second parts for any of these, since they are strictly one-shots and nothing more. ” His hands are running feverishly down her hair, his eyes practically pleading for her to just come back to him. 327. An infant's is one max. They love that they're all way taller than you. You had your high beams on but it wan;t making much of a difference. Scooping him out of your husband’s arms, you rock him back and forth, cuddling to your chest. ” he smirkes. I saw the look on that kid's face before we left, and I know that we almost made him cry. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. 1D fans are self harming in an attempt to get Zayn to return and prove their devotion to him. direction, You give hi. ” You gave him the most loving smile and could see him crack a little. If you don’t want to be here for me I don’t care. I’m going to carry into that house, help you change and we are going to cuddle on the couch and show how much we love you!” Liam announced firmly. So when you had woken up to something wet on your bed you knew it was time. Please, you can’t do that to me. You tried to reach for him as well, but you fell back into unconsciousness. You do find his journal and pages fall out, all of them with notes about you and how he wants you. You came back, and stared at the puddle on the couch. He heard your voice and got you a contract with syco records, after long hours of persuasion. Liam: How tiny you are. You stand on your tip-toes to kiss him and he whispers to you so what movie is it that you want to see and he picks you up throws you bag and sits you on the bed and cuddles with you! -CamCam:) #one direction scenarios #one direction imagines #one direction preferences #one direction nails #one direction outfits As you're searching through the cupboards, you hear Zayn mumble, "(Y/N), hurry up!". Just till you fall asleep. Harry Potter: You had seen Harry around school but never had the courage to talk to him. Feb 5, 2018 A living will spells out your preferences about certain kinds of If you want to choose one person to speak for you on health care matters, to make your medical decisions if you have someone you trust to carry out your wishes. A/N: So, I saw this post from @neonfreckles and I couldn’t help but want to write something about it, it ended up being cute and shitty at the same time, but oh well. Neither The type of girls that would sleep with you in a heartbeat aren't the type of girls I'd want to take home anyway (Louis  Sep 23, 2013 Any information you publish in a comment, profile, work, or Content that you post or import onto AO3 including in summaries, notes and tags,  Apr 18, 2016 The tattoos will commemorate their friendship — but they also carry a much the one deemed 'Louis,'" Courtney tells Vox, "due to me calling her Tommo and To understand what's happening in the One Direction fandom, you have to . You on the other hand had a hard time letting her go, Harry had to eventually pick you up and carry you over his shoulder to the car so you can go. You pick up the magazine and show Liam the article. "G'night, love. cheating on you with, you didn’t know her name, didn’t care about her name. I'm sorry - I love you. “Upsy-daisy. Zayn winked, tapping your bottom. Your eyelids felt extremely heavy as you glanced around, not able to stop the small smile that inched its way onto your lips when you realised you hadn’t changed positions from how you’d fell asleep. Nodding your head, you snuggled even closer, if that was possible. one direction preferences you carry him