Spectator Sport

Nick dextrously massaged the young woman's anus, she turned her head and whispered, "Why not come inside yourself, baby?""What here? On a public beach? Would that be er... wise?""No idea. But you know what Horace wrote in his Odes, don't you?""No, what?""Carpe Diem.""Meaning?""Seize the day. Grasp the moment!""I hardly think the Roman poet had

Fun With Lavinia (part one)

go out for an evening on her own but she never spoke of where she went and it really wasn't my business. Anyway my arrival home was going to be a total surprise to Mom because I was arriving on a Friday evening. She was expecting me late Saturday afternoon. But all my exams had been completed earlier than expected and so I drove straight home

Lucy gets back at her mother, or does she

with a sad heart she started making her way home.She was nearing her house when she saw her uncles car coming towards her, she ducked back into a garden and watched it pass, she saw her mother in the car and wondered where they were going, taking this opportunity she ran home and her younger sister opened the door to her.“Where you been, mom’s


That in it self felt wonderful, bringing more of the clear lubricant to the surface. After a few seconds of amusing herself with that little task she climbed up on to the bed, crawling up to me on her hands and knees. I thought she was coming up to kiss me, but just as quickly she turned around. Placing a knee on each side of head, I was soon

Bound Friends Pt. 04

probably needs to vent, let's see how Megan's doing." Lea said as she switched to make Megan's camera the main screen and the one producing audio. Presumably producing audio at least, since no sounds were actually coming from Megan or that room. She had gotten herself up onto the bed and was intent on staring at the ceiling, almost literally

Michele's Mistake Pt. 03

He apologizes to Sir, but is quickly told that I am the one who should be saying I'm sorry, for being so rude to him. Sir asks if he would help him move some boxes. I hear the movement near me. "Stand Michele."I get to my feet as quickly as I can. His hand touches my shoulder, and leads me to the stack of boxes in the middle of the closet. He

My Boss's Sex Slave Ch. 02

"Good morning."He looked at me without smiling and said, "Tami, we need to go over some papers in my office. Could you meet me there in 30 minutes please?"I said, "Yes Sir."Once in his office he came to me and opened my shirt, being that the office was still open I had left my underwear on. He instantly became angry and shouted, "You stupid Bitch

Mond' s Clan pt 5 Final

East by North East and 3 months away. The best news was there were no more lomen in that direction. The captives consisted of 7 men 9 women and 7 children. After viewing the valley they decided to all stay. They were aware that their village had already looked on them as dead. … They had traveled enough. Drago and Teal decided to take Runt back

Velma and Daphne

thinking, "What the fuck just happ.. OH MY GOD!" I looked down at my crotch seeing a fully erect 8" cock. Freaking out, I lifted it to see if my pussy was still there. Whew no balls. I looked at Daphne, who was still unconsciencous, she too had a huge erect cock."Daphne wake up!" I said."Oh my gosh what happened," she questioned, "Velma...your

My Wife My Hooker Part 3

of my cock and then you are goign to lick Amiee's ass clean""Yes Sir""Amiee you are going to hold the cum in your ass until my cock is cleanAmiee noddedI squirt 5 loads into amiee's ass. I pulled out and saw her close her asshole and move right over to Kristen. She licked my cock clean and then moved over to amiee. She licked her pussy up to her

Bob's Interview

of her dress down revealing her breasts. Then she pulled up her dress took Bob’s hand and placed it in her crotch and held it against her cock and balls. Breaking the kiss, she bit his neck softly then whispered in his ear: “Just pretend you playing with yourself Bob, don’t think about it.” Meanwhile she pulled his cock out of his trousers

Who is the Boss?

At 26 Dan was in his prime, his body toned from regular sport and gym sessions, his eyes a shimmery blue, like two sapphires in the sun. His features were perfectly aged to show his youth and virility but amplify his growing maturity. Why, then, did he feel that the light inside of him was quickly burning out? His life was descending rapidly on a

beach story bisexual

notice that written upon this door was ‘Meet at 8 Thursdays for cock sucking’. Well, It was Thursday, I wasn’t sure of the time, but that was what they guy was here for, I guess. ‘I’m not waiting for anybody, no’ I said as kindly as possible, ‘I’ll be out in a minute’. As I opened the door, I saw a young lad, good looking I suppose, early

Emmanuelle: part twelve

was chatting animatedly with her dining companions, one of whom was the Home Secretary, the other being a prominent Russian journalist. Emm was chattering away to the Foreign Secretary, who occasionally lifted his eyes from her tits to smile and flirt with her. Ekaterina was holding sway next to him, pulling in people to talk.The caviare was

The World's First Futa 10 - Futa's Wicked Campaign Chapter 3: Futa's First Wild Debate

slut was lapping up a flood of spicy juices. The ache swelled at the tip of my dick. The velvety grip of Glory's tight asshole was bringing me closer and closer to eruption.Henry grunted. His cum spurted feebly from his dick as he watched his wife collapse on the ground, her pleasures spent. Glory panted, her head hanging low, her fiery hair

The Wading Pool

sat and stared at each other for a time. Kriss broke the silence. ‘What are you looking at?’ Kriss was confused. ‘You.’ There was only wonder on the new boy’s face. ‘If my uncle sees you…’ Kriss warned him. ‘He’ll what? Is it your uncle you’re afraid of or is it me?’ Kriss didn’t speak. ‘Is Kris short for Kristopher?’ Kriss began to raise his

49 1/2 Shades Ch. 03

that you knew nothing about. I'm going to have a lot of fun with this big black cock and when I'm done then I may just have something for you." With that, Sarah grabbed Maurice's large pole and wrapped her lips around its massive head and took as much into her mouth as she could. "Mmmmmmm... Maurice!" she cried between slurps, "You taste as good

Charlotte, The Dog And The Dick

but he couldn't stop thinking about her boobs. Chris started to play with himself quietly, thinking about the things he had done and seen that day. He started to get into it and speed up, and wondered if she might do something nice like let him look at her breasts if she knew what he was doing. So he stopped being quiet and just jerked himself.

Reality Jump – Chapter 8

off her still dripping wet body to everyone in the room. The twins were always jealous of Julia as she had breasts a couple sizes bigger than theirs. I see youve met the twins! Julia said walking over to an armoire and bending over to grab a towel. In the process she flashed everyone on the bed her plump ass that just begged to be molested it

The Test

His special seat. My mind flashed back to little over a year ago when I first met this incredible man. I think I fell in love the moment he touched my body for the first time. Being of fair complexion and blonde his olive skin, deep tan and piercing brown eyes was my complimentary opposite. My deperate need to submit and his need to be

An Argument

girlfriend and I don’t actually FEEL like your girlfriend?’ Whirling, turning dervish… anger flows like a cyclone as there is movement again, spilling out into the air. ‘If you don’t feel like my girlfriend that’s YOUR problem. You should know that I love you! I’m HERE aren’t I? What more do you want?! WHAT ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?!’ Screaming.

The Snuggle Hitch

corner, but I headed out without having sighted her.The conference was uneventful until afternoon tea, where I was talking to an occasional collaborator of mine, Professor Barry Lucas."Did you see Yuri’s student’s talk just then on Tanaka’s Conjecture?” he asked.“No, I must have been in another talk.”“Her intuitive grasp on the subject was

New Family Secrets VII

eye. I went to pull out but Kara stood behind me pushing on my ass just enough to keep me there. “Are you ready for him to continue now” Kara asked as she started to push on my ass. Jennifer shook her head yes with a broken look in her eyes. I felt bad for her but her pussy was so tight as I slid in to her all the way to my balls. Kara kept the

Carols nephew comes to stay

like a prostitute and he would not treat her like one.But while she was dressed like a hooker.He was going to fuck her like a hooker and she was going to love it."However Jonathan had no intension of stopping it. He now pulled up her skirt and put his hand forcefully into her panties.Carol now screened in shock and tried to fight him off.But

Aunt Susan

hard … and I scream as my love juice goes deep into her ass. It is time now for her to expel she wants to be there with her as I kneeled between her legs she lets go and oh boy! she really had to go, it is a thunderous discharge coming from her beautiful, beautiful ass.I didn’t get the quarterback position but I got my beautiful aunt’s ass

The truck ride

inch's. Damn, I'm taking a hell of a chance that she wont mention this to my son, but when she gave me a big smile my worry level dropped. All the smile did was to get me thinking more and more about getting her naked. It's a hell of a risk, but damn, I needed some real sex. Dont get me wrong, I love my wife, but to put it mildly, her sex drive

Shhh, A Teen is in the House - Part Four

nothing really, just everyday things and plans for the rest of the day. Once we smoothed out the bed cover and placed the bunch of pillows back on the bed we both heard a squeal coming from somewhere in the house. Puzzled we quickly finished the bed and wandered into the hall. Waiting for another squeal or something so we could find out what was

Life in the Harem Ch. 08

smile like a cat that had just eaten a canary.""The conversation got very heated as Sir Jon started threatening Lady Martha if she didn't continue to do business with him at a reduced rate. Lady Martha finally differed and was able to convince Sir Jon that they had a deal. They rose to leave and Lucinda took me away from them. When we were away


hard against him. I lifted my pussy up his length of cock and slammed it back down until I was fully impaled. My tits bounced freely on my chest right in front of his face."God I love your cock... I love the way it fills my pussy... love the way it slides deep into my belly until I explode... oh god yes..."I started screaming and shrieking as

Daddies Girls

hold of my cock and was still slowly pumping me. I broke our kiss, saying, "I love you honey, with all my heart." She returned, "daddy make me your woman. I want you to be my first and always be with me." and with that I laid her on her back and moved between her thighs. Sara still having her grasp on me, guided me to her vagina. Once at her

Seeking a Greater Perfection

slap to be exciting and stimulating. His powerful hand reinforces his power, strength and dominance over me. I am willingly melting without any resistance.I have succumbed so willingly while bent purposefully over his lap. There is a warmth and even magic in his control over me. The smarting, heat being now being brought to my bottom is as much a

Cock and Pussy Weekend

her in bed. As she sipped her coffee, I slipped down between her legs and started licking her gently. I brought her to the first orgasm of the day and wished her a happy birthday. She pulled me up to fuck her and kissed my mouth as I slid into her. Her pussy gripped me like a glove as I drove in deeply and she writhed beneath me. She came at

Something New

because no one stopped by. However, when we did have visitors various reactions occurred. The Jehovah's Witnesses ran away, of course. But others stayed.One day Jimmy, the boy from down the street, stopped by to drop off an invitation to his high school graduation. I could hear him on the porch, glanced out and saw who it was, and told Phoebe to

The Burning Skyline Succubus

Spike was mesmerized by her rebounding rump. He strained against his bounds. He wanted to squeeze and spank her ass so dire. He felt he may loss his mind to a primal insanity of covetousness. That he might burst into furious bellows at any moment. Keaira looked back over her shoulder as she continued to spring her bottom up and down. “I was

The Burning Within Chapter 1

ok? I never got a chance to ask. Oh, yes, Im fine, Lilly blushed as the words rolled from her tongue. He kept coming closer invading her personal space. He became so close, Lilly found herself pushing herself against the door. He now was hovering over her and his blue eyes were just penetrating right through her. She gasped as he had this Im

Halloween in Shibuya, Part II

soaked in baby oil and sweat with his come dribbling out of my pussy and down my legs. We lay on the mattress as we caught our breath and as he lovingly caressed my body. “Baby,” he whispered, “that was the best damned nuru massage, ever! I’d love to do it again sometime.” “Hey,” I replied, “I don’t even know your name, but you’re on!”“My name is

Sowing and Reaping Chapter 1

with grades like mine!” His voice was getting louder by the second but she held fast, knowing he needed to let it out. “Told me that it’s because I never work at anything and ‘life isn’t a Fucking carnival Simon.’ I study my ass off every night; most of my friends are out hanging-out. Not me though! No, I’m stuck in my room listening to what a

And I never even got his name

his lips, gauging my reaction. My knees shook just a little bit, the feeling of his hand on my body, even if it was seperated through a layer of clothing, was amazing. Very deliberatly he moved his other hand under my arm, behind my body, so that he was cupping my ass with both of his hands and he tensed his arms just enough so I could tell he

From Lonely Housewife to perverted Slut Chapter 5.re-posted

pulled my lips away from Vincent. His long tongue finally pulled back out of my throat. I placed my hand over his huge bulge in the front of his pants. “Oh that feels nice Vincent.” I moaned, “real nice.” My other hand pulled his shirt up and I felt his muscular chest. “Wow! You're so hot Master. So are all those black boys hot too? You

A night the Mirons will never forget

her ass. Her eyes get wide and she screams in terror thru her gag at what she knows is coming. Jim places the head of his 8" cock at her asshole and shoves the tip past her sphincter. As Jim pauses for a moment, John pulls Stacy tighter to him and sticks her tits in his face. While he licks and sucks on her perfect tight C cups titties, Jim

Three Days of Hedonism

The heat radiating off Leta’s body warmed her back, arousing her senses further, and before she could take another breath, Leta planted a soft kiss between her shoulder blades. Her hands rubbed and smoothed a path down her back, resting on her waist, as her tongue made circles down her spine. She slid off Lily’s body and pushed her legs open,

A Genius in King Arthur's Court Ch. 3

produce a flame that engulfed half the parchment. Almost as soon as Merlin had extinguished that flame, Dave was able to conjure up another that burned up the rest of the parchment.“Oh wow… this is so cool!”“You are progressing quite fast, I must say,” Merlin grinned. “Now on to your next lesson: water, or more accurately, liquidity. Tell me of

Prostituting My Wife

tits. Tina is 5 only but has full 34c tits. He also commented on her shaved pussy. I heard Tina putting the condom on him so they can start to fuck. Tina sucked him a little but he was impatient and wanted to fuck. He got on top of her and started to fuck her right away. I could hear the bed squeaking and Tina making loud grunting sounds. All of

Bath Time

up to her breasts teasing light touches cupping her breasts which to my mind were a perfect size.} My eyes closed replaying how it went it was so exciting. My hand moved quicker, up and down my cock. My breath quickened remembering how her breathing quickened. {As I ran my nails over her nipples scratching them making then grow large and blood

Desperate Measures

down,” said Mike. “I’m gonna try something.”Before she had the chance to ask what she heard a buzzing sound. Turning her head she saw that he had one of her super thin vibrators. He slowly started pumping in and out of her again. Then taking the vibrator he started running around her ass hole, and then up and down her crack.Bri started

College As – Chapter 4

she wear? When her alarm went off the next morning, she had butterflies in her stomach like never before. She rolled out of bed and had three hours before her interview. Megan and her new roommate Erin talked for a few minutes but Erin could tell that Megan’s mind was somewhere else, “Hey, you okay? You look like you got something on your mind?”

A new adventure

at my wrist-watch. They walked off hand in hand, all giddy like a couple school kids, as they made their way out of the bar. That ten minutes went by so slow it seemed like an eternity. I was wondering what was happening. Was she naked by now? Was he hung? Were they having foreplay? Was she sucking his cock? Maybe they just skipped the

Reliving Last Night

last night with Rick and Rachel.   We fucked like porn stars in some wicked hot positions.   I let my thoughts return to last night, relieving the evening   in my mind… Rick and Rachel have been our best friends for several years.   They are our favorite swing partners, and sex with them is always amazing.   We hadn’t been with them in several

The Life and Times of an Expatriate, Chap 8

volunteering anything but some thing had definitely bothered her.“You know you can ask or tell me anything. You should never be scared of me,” I said. “Anita, you know I love you?”“Si Popi” was her only reply.“I mean that, you are my very special girl.”“Si Popi.”And then she took deep breath before saying, “Am I your only girl?”AHA! She was

My first time with him Part 1

but I hate that term. So I look at you and that cocky little grin of yours, and just keep repeating in my head ‘omg, he is so cute!’ I had missed you when you went away, but I knew you had other things on your mind, other people especially. I looked at you as I crawled onto my bed, your boner was forming in your shorts. I giggled and pulled


next day we did the same thing but this time directly started to fuck without waiting a seconds …Fighting my violent desire, I pulled my tits from his mouth. "Oh, baby!" I hissed, dropping to my knees before him. With my eyes staring at his bulging cock, I placed my palms on his thighs. I gently took his manhood between my trembling fingers. His

The Basketball Team's Bitch Ch. 01

of her enema kit into my asshole. I feel the hot soapy water begin filling me up. Isabel's holding the enema bag near my foot that she raised and she doesn't drop either down until the bag is empty.Isabel says I better not make a mess for her by spilling any of that water on the exam table. Receiving a hot enema feels so good that my uncut cock

The game

Just agree and I’ll try to be nice to you.” With that, Kevin climbed into the back seat. His cock now fully erect and hanging out of his pants, he started making his way to her. Jenny slowly started to back up but it was no use. She only managed to corner herself. Kevin dropped to the floor and started to crawl towards her. Jenny suddenly

Going to Far

my hand lingered on her breast. " Aren't you going to pay me, Nicole?" " Uhhh, 25, you said?" She fumbled with her purse. I put my hands over hers. " I don't want money," I whispered. Her eyes darted about, looking for an escape. She thought she could duck under my arm and run for the door if she could catch me by surprise. I saw where she was

Boss Lady

to make soothing and solicitous remarks over their son. They were obviously late parents and doted on the child which had now been damaged. They were between tables in full sail, coats flapping, toward the exit when Mary thumped her arse down onto the leather seat. Before the door had swung shut she was ordering another drink in celebration.

Puppy Girl Ch. 08

those that have been with me from the beginning. I like to think I've been getting a little better, writing longer chapters, but I run on feedback. Right now, the tank's empty, so please, please, please tell me what you think, because it really does influence the story going forward, and it helps me stay motivated to work on it. It's been a while


but she had no more strength left, and she fell in a heap among the leaves. In a moment Flora was shaking her and saying her name, and some of the dark creatures were with her. “Get up,” Flora said. “We'll make you better.”Megan licked her lips. “Run away. Back to the house.” Did she really speak, or did she only think she did? “The queen has

Goldicock and the Three Bears

Bear was fucking his mouth with a decisive and steady pace. Goldicock kept screaming for a long time until eventually he got used to being penetrated.Now Huge Bear took off all of his clothes.“Move over”, he said gruffly to Middle Bear.Middle Bear got up and said to Little Bear, “I want to fuck that ass!”Little Bear pulled out. Then they all

Downfall of King Wilfred the Chaste

the techniques and majiks required.’ Smiled Lord Spankington.’ ‘Well then get to work. We need the King under our spell by Saturday.’ THAT EVENING IN PRUDONIA OUTSIDE PRUDONIA PALACE: Wednesday June 3rd 6423 ‘So why are we going to see the King?’ asked Virgin Lucy, ‘For an urgent spiritual matter.’ Replied the Grand High Virgin. ‘Oh I see,’

Songs for the Soul Ch. 03

now it went much, much deeper. Bryan watched the growing relationship between Kate and Mark with satisfaction. It was plain to see that they were made for each other. He just wondered when Mark would finally get around to asking her to marry him. Six months later, in a small pub, Mark proposed to Kate. Kate accepted, and they were married two

Mom Wants What Daughter Gets

was married but that never seemed to stop her. I witnessed her behavior one day while at a lovely brunch. I was still getting to know my future in-laws and throughout the brunch I caught Dorothy frequently looking at me and at one point when we made eye contact, she would not look away. She stared at me with a look of longing. It was I that

The Librarian - Epilogue

broke the rule and read his story, yet gave him his first kiss, and more. In his mind, he relived the same excitement and anxiety he felt when Carter arrived unexpectedly, covered with those huge snowflakes. His body still trembled as he remembered Carter unwrapping him as his gift. The gentle, caring touch, soft voice and loving caresses swirled

An Etiquette Lesson, Chapter 1 [Rachel]

counter, rushed upstairs to her room and slammed the door. She pushed the lock button on the handle, but it kept popping out. She didn’t have time for this. When it stuck in a little she thought to herself ‘oh, good enough,’ and then flopped down on the bed. She had work to do. Rachel pulled off her tight skinny jeans, and pulled down her plain

The Cuckold: The Making Of (part 1)

was agitated. She looked at the clock again 6:20 pm. Jason, her husband was due home at 6:00 pm. Jason had been gone for almost three weeks, working somewhere in Chicago. He was a junior architect in a private firm that specialized in all-glass buildings. He had called her yesterday telling her that he would be home Friday for at least the

The Accountant

feel the back of her throat and she would gag a little. After some time I could hold back no longer and started ramming my rod down her throat with no mercy. She was gagging and tears rolled down her eyes but I was too horny and was fucking her mouth with abandon. I was near climax and pushed hard deep down her throat and cummed deep inside her

Tara under the Banyan Tree

sensitive. In this dress just the movement of the fabric across their tips made me shiver. I pushed up the panel covering the window, and looked out at the grey taxi way, my own reflection a ghostly shadow on the sealed safety glass. I saw the man move his head in the reflection, and smile knowing my skirt hem had moved up my closed thighs.

Cement Breasts

With Mom’s help we colored the cement a flesh tone. That was the ticket.Mom advertised it as art. A couple of guys came to the house to look at it. They liked it and asked Mom if she could make three more for them. They had some idea in mind that required four of Felicia’s body casts. Mom set a ridiculous price and they wrote her out a check

Shaylynn's First Time

probing, rubbing his finger around her tiny clit and tight hole. To his surprise Shaylynn starts getting wet very quickly. He moves his finger faster, playing in her juices. He slides the tip of his finger into her tight cunt just barely teasing it. He pulls his hand away licking her sweet juice from his finger. He sits gently at the edge of her

do as i say 5

Ashley's head all the way in so that his whole shaft was in her mouth. Ashley seemed very experienced in sucking people off.My, my aren't you feisty to get your dick sucked off Ashley said as she pulled away from James dick. James response was to just push Ashley back towards his dick.James was not his usual self, getting teased by Ashley turned

It Begins With the First

want her on her knees,"The other grabbed me and adjusted me so I was kneeling; my hands were no longer being crushed into the floor. The man went behind me and put me into doggie style position, since my hands were tied behind my back my face hit the floor. I cried at the impact."Oh sorry Sarah looks like that hurt." All the men laughed. My cheek

Sexy Dunes

Linn and her friend Maria would come to mark’s place. The door bell rang and I opened the door. There stood Linn with a nice wide sleeveless shirt and a skirt. Her short blond hair waving a bit. Through the shirt I could see her bikini top supporting her B cup breasts. Maria was a bit taller and longer blond hair. She also had a bit more weight

Sex With The New Secretary

Mr. Roma, expressionless.  Her baby blue eyes looked as if she were crying.“I’m just kidding.  I don’t really do that.  Only if you like that, it could be arranged.”She just stood there, shocked.  She didn’t know what to think.  Again he swatted her ass, but this time he cupped her buttocks in his hand.  He leaned into her and told her how good


pulse.=====================Part 15 - Bitch Style=====================Brian's hot naked body looked good even against the current back drop of jail house mattresses. Bruno placed pillows under the golden boy's sexy head.The pillows had elevated Brian's head, he stared down at the Latino that was at his feet. The boy's big cock lay asleep, curled

Cold War Pt. 01

his jaw before she realized she didn’t know what to say and her gaze darted about. ‘You…did a good job today,’ she muttered before going back to trying to get her keycard to work. Jesse McCree shot her a wry smile and said ‘Thank you kindly, ma’am, you too.’ He walked out of sight. She was left looking at him as he went, the keycard finally

My daughters tutor

2,000 miles away. Anyway, she has a rather cute tutor named Amber. Well, I think she is really cute. When I was in college, I experimented with a couple women, but I never considered myself a lesbian or bi-sexual though. Amber is blonde, and she definitely proves that not all blondes are dumb. She is smart and wears glasses, which makes me a

Loosey Lucy

of the toilet while I knelt down and ate her out. I managed to give her an orgasm before the first bell rang to send us to class. Tina pulled up her panties and then we stepped out into the restroom. Three girls gave me a dirty look but I didn’t care and neither did Tina. She helped me clean off my face and then she kissed me. One girl was still

My Best Friends Sister II

himself inside her, her muscles massaging his cock, feeling like a velvet hand trying to milk him dry. They gradually come down from their respective highs, both breathing deeply, they stay locked together for a while as they catch their breath. Joe slowly leans back and Maryse smiles up at him, he smiles back at her, she sits up, leaning in

Breaking Layla

time we met, maybe even from the very first time we spoke. Standing just over 6 feet tall, Layla was a goddess, thick in all the right places with breasts that just wouldn't quit. Just looking at her brought me to my knees. She stood much taller than me but that was a turn on. I had always wanted to climb Mount Layla. "Let's hit the showers!" I

Valerie Lewis--Part 2

on your cock slave and watch me.” TJ’s eyes snapped open and he watched me rub myself he made a sound in the back of his throat a drop of pre-cum coating the head of his cock. “That’s it slave fuck yourself with your hand, but don’t cum.” His hand moved faster on himself, he was getting close to orgasm and I rubbed my clit faster.

A Master’s Story Ch. 04

and ate. She started on the toast before me. She had finished her pile, while I was on my third piece. She stole the last one. All the marmalade had gone. There were toast crumbs stuck to her breasts and a small glob of marmalade was on the side of her mouth. She scrambled across the bed gave me a sticky kiss and bounced out the bed and into the

Ravageme Part Three

Meanwhile Bill brought her off, lifting his mouth off, dripping her juices onto the under pad. “Damn fine pussy Melinda, can’t wait to see if it fucks as well as it tastes!”Before long Aaron is ready to unload his first cum of the night. “So Melinda where do you want it, mouth of tits?” Barely above a whisper “I don’t want it, anywhere!” Aaron

Lunches but More

it. The hand ran itself over the lips. Mmmmm, she thought as she pictured him in there, in her bedroom, and feeling her pussy’s lips. Quietly as she could she said, “Ohhhhhh Father, feel me down here.” With that, she fingered herself again. Her fingers ran slowly but they ran deeply creating a wet sink hole of sorts. The luscious tight layers of

Joanna Make Up Your Mind (Edited)

the mood dies so we stop. Joanna put's on the the TV and sit's on the end of the couch so I sit next to her. The rest of them are on the floor messing with liana for seemingly obvious reasons. So Joanna's phone rings and she answers, It's some gay guy whatever I put my hand on her lap slowly really slow so she wouldn't notice, I start easing my

Scarlet in School 2

her perfect, round ass. Their lips still locked, she unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off. As he reached for the hem of her tank top, she undid his belt and then started on his fly. Soon enough she was in her lace dark blue bra and matching panties, and he was in his navy boxers. Scarlet rubbed his cock through the fabric, Mr. Wilson rubbing

Educating Harry Ch. 08

sporting hero overnight.’ ‘Didn’t he get into trouble?’ ‘No, not much, well he was sent off for the rest of that match, but he was lucky.’ ‘Why?’ ‘Firstly, the referee being Irish, saw it as a sort of natural justice, and he issued a pretty soft report, and secondly, the French Rugby Union has never really regarded thumping an Englishman as a

Moira Ch. 3

sure she can sense how aroused she’s making me…the way she squirms against my exploring fingers…looking at me with her eyes…licking her painted lips. Suddenly, a touch against my crotch, somehow her bound hands have found my hardening penis and she’s rubbing, back and forth…grabbing me through my pants. She knows she’s got me from the way I

From Me to You: The Finale

room. I look towards you, sat by the fire playing with yourself. I smile slightly as I see the light from the fire bouncing off of your moist head. You beckon me towards you with your finger. I pause for a second before moving towards you. I stand in front of you, teasing to remove my dressing gown. Your tongue begins to move over your lips as my

Going Nova ch. 11: All of Brie

away demurely, but shifted in Warrick’s lap, swinging one leg around him to straddle him, “Okay, Daddy.” With that, she leaned up and kissed him on the chin. As she did so, she hugged him tight, and in the process, pressed her pajama-covered vulva against the lump in her dad’s pants. It sent a shiver through her body, and she felt a squirt of

Miss Annabelle Ch. 01

Furthermore, the more Annabelle sensed this, the more assertive she became, and the authority she assumed. The written notes turned readily to verbal instruction. Also, my cock being in a constant state of arousal in her presence had not gone unnoticed. "Is your cock hard?" she often asked as a matter of fact. It wasn't that it excited her. I

How the Mighty Has Fallen

Although many people I worked with admired my body, few liked my personality. In fact, I had a reputation for being an arrogant bitch. When I left, I was certain I’d be snapped up within a week or two at the most by a competing firm. I told myself the layoff was a blessing in disguise, MegaCorp never appreciated my true value, anyway. After 10

Asked For It- His Turn

She smiled as I saw her long black hair in a tight braid falling over her shoulder, she bend down and kissed me lightly as she moved off me to my side. My eyes opened to show me the two other women that deserved a huge smile and maybe a few spankings. I was surprised, shocked and trilled to see the faces before me. I could not believe that my

My Story Part 1

"Anytime you want loverboy" Valerie smiled at me as she gathered the cum from her nose and cheeks with her fingers and licked them clean with her tongue. She flashed her tongue at me and I could see my cum glistening within her mouth."Watch me clean and then swallow your cum now Oh Johnny boy. Yummy now all gone" Valerie stated with a wee giggle.

Island Love

recent development of mobile gardeners and lawn mowing contractors. He was climbing down off the top of the gas cylinders enclosure, reaching under the eaves where he kept the key when a cutting voice with an American accent said, ‘And exactly what are you doing?’ Roman turned and smiled, brushing his hair back and turning his eyes on the woman

My Queen, My Master

body that set my mouth dry. She was curved like a mountain road, jutting out at her breasts and hips and thighs. Though she was my wife, the temptress drove me to sin over and over again. She caught my cock in her little noble grasp and never let go. "Louis," she would whisper in my ear, "fill me up. Make me yours and ride me. Take me." And I

Crackpot Spammer Ch. 04

very close and a repeating decimal fraction: 3.142857 142857 142857 …. Now look at |pi – 22/7| / pi. What we have is an error of 0.000402499 or, about 0.04% Very close. Similarly, for the Euler-Mascheroni constant gamma, 0.577215665…, we see that Sqrt(3)/3 is 0.577350269… and the error is |gamma – 1/Sqrt(3)| / gamma = 0.000233196, or about 0.02%

Bratz Dolls

sights I had ever seen. I bought Yasmin to my face, spread my legs and began licking at her delicious pussy. I imaginged her tight, wet, juicy snatch as my tongue was running wild over her crotch. I turned her around and gave a few licks at her ass as well. I was in pure heaven, but I needed more. I pulled off my pants and positioned Yasmins

Russian Roulette Ch. 02

being to Cindy’s shoulder. Cindy’s weapon had been fired four times, two hitting two perps with non-fatal wounds and two missing hitting anyone. Melina had also fired four shots… and all four had found their marks unerringly and delivered immediate death to the four Russian perps. ‘Cindy, you know what this means, don’t you?’ I said. ‘Range time,

The Apartment

ferocity. It was like someone was trying to break through the wall. There was a sudden wail and a final “BANG” and something dropped on my head. Totally shocked I backed away and started brushing the top of my head wondering what the hell had hit me. Looking down, I found a piece of dry wall patch. Continuing to brush the white powder off my

Surprise BDSM (For the ladies)

You decide to go to bed its late anyways, surely the power will be on in the morning. As you enter your room and close the door you’re grabbed by the throat. You’re pushed back hard against the door, yet not with the intention of hurting you too badly. As you gasp from the surprise and brief amount of pain your attacker forces his tongue past

Dave Training Ch. 01

Dave all of my suspicions, and he has noticed Ernie getting more distant with them also. I have an ally in my battle, so I confide further about how I hate my marriage, and have done for a long time. Whether intentional or not at that stage, battle lines between Ernie and I are being drawn. And I intend to take my fair share of the spoils of war,

Couple on Cam for Mom

and we joked and shrugged it off so not to make things any more uncomfortable, then they were, but we were all excited too, nothing was said, but we knew, we rented a beach house on the north shore for a week, a 2 bedroom cabin, it was nice a little old but nice, Linda and mom stayed and put things away and cleaned up and I shopped for some

Hell on the Highway

assuring my Dad that he’d bought one genuinely pukka motor. It certainly gleamed with its fresh wax coat, sitting in the street outside our two-up-two-down. At one time, I remember, there was only one car in our street, of about sixty terraced houses, about three doors up from us, away from Merton High Street, but we were late entrants in the

Peeping Girl IV

as they eat. God the way he looks at her. Of course I can’t take my eyes off of them, staring rudely as I swallow mouth fulls of coffee. She’s the worst kind of tease too, leaning in and whispering what I imagine are obscenities right into his ear, watching how his eyes buldge out of his head, grinning and gripping at her thigh tighter and


Jeff sniggering by the high-speed maglev transit stop. Or not so much walked as rather skipped like some fucking Morris dancer. This low gravity took some getting used to! At least the agency had got him work on Mars and not the Moon. The Lunar colonists had to get around like they were on fucking pogo sticks! Mind you, if work had been easier to

Watersports Other than Surfing

maxed out on her. My dick slid completely in and out of her tight pussy, and each time I re-entered her I slammed her body harder and harder. I lost track of time. I had no idea how long I was fucking her sweet body. My grunts were in the hundreds, coming once a thrust for what seemed like an eternity. I desperately needed to cum. My balls

The Ravishing of Constance Ch. 19

‘You have gone mad, this is a nightmare, a nightmare!’ William said, but obeyed. ‘Reach beneath him while you’re at it,’ Constance said. ‘Feel how hard he is, how much he likes having your cock up him. Go on, take him in hand.’ ‘Father, please don’t,’ Rob said. He did as Constance commanded, bending over his son’s body while his hips pumped,

New Orleans Jizz

to make love to your cock. I try to take in as much as I can moving back and forth.You are groaning, but you want something more than my mouth and you move me quickly onto my back. You raise my legs up over your shoulders and dip your finger in my wetness. Spreading the lips you lower yourself into my hot box and begin to fuck me with a passion

The Hardest Answer Any Other Family

Lauren kissed her. ‘I’ll see you tomorrow at work.’ she promised. ‘It’s late, please be careful.’ Julia felt her mouth go dry, the unnecessary comment was awkward. ‘It’s not what I want to say.’ ‘I always am.’ and with that, Lauren turned to slip out the side door, oblivious to Julia’s desire to say something more. Julia stood by the front room

Interrupted by My Husband

my attention on my laptop screen and touch just my pussy lips and wet opening, completely avoiding my clit. “Good girl. Now, stick one finger inside yourself and then pull it out.” Again, I do as he says. I stick one long finger as deep into my hole as it will go and then pull it out. Unsure of what to do next, I look at Jon, who has taken off

Free Use Ch. 03: Unannounced Training Session

shoulder as Jay grunts softly and thrusts into your mouth as his first shot fires into you. You instinctively engulf as much as possible, milking his balls into your mouth, savoring the thick textured cream he's giving you. Just 2 weeks ago you would have involuntarily jerked backwards and left barely the head in your mouth. Now the training

Alien Flashlight Hypnotizes Women Ch. 02

especially after she becomes his hot, sexy, MILF of a mother-in-law. This wasn’t just any woman. This was Irene’s mother. Oh, yeah, a sexual fantasy come true, Donna was his future mother-in-law. Oh, yeah, baby, without a doubt, big time, he’ll be masturbating over this moment for the rest of his life. Wishing he was unbuttoning her while kissing

Her Sex Prisoner Ch. 03

to a fetish club and saw Desiree there. I was still uncomfortable with myself at the time but I let Desiree tie me up. I found out later that Desiree was a prominent dominant within the local scene. The scene had always scared me that but knowing that and knowing that Desiree always abided by the safe, sane, consensual rules I knew she would have

Connecting with Mother Ch 4

She looks at one of the men and smiles as we go through the entrance. We walk in the summer warmth with my arm protectively around her waist. Anyone looking would just think I have a thing for older women. A few men passing by take surreptitious glances at Mum’s chest and one gives her the come on look. “I like this Ian –being scanned sexually be

Gifted Grifter Ch. 05

name. I kept my arm around her shoulder as we held the paper between us, one hand apiece. I pretended to be trying to remember something, then said ‘Erin, I think this might be it…I think I’ve seen this name before.’ I looked right at her with false excitement. ‘I think you’ve found the clue we needed.’ She looked back at me with a pleased look

Revenge of the Nerd Ch. 58

with Jen while she was on break. Jeff didn’t have days off to save. ‘It’s not all her. I think a lot of it is my father. He seems to want things just so and she doesn’t put up much resistance. I wish I knew what he was planning.’ ‘Maybe he has reconciled himself to this happening. He might just be trying to position it the best way he can for his

Down Under

He was smart, funny, could turn into a childish idiot from a mature genius in only a few seconds, and he had a beautiful body of chiseled muscle. After a few days, she learned that Rhett had worked so hard on his torso because he relied on crutches for his mobility. After a few years stuck online, Savanna got accepted to an Australian college in

My Students Father

enjoy my breasts as I slowly felt his cock harden in my hand. It got harder and I was able to stroke it faster. It got bigger, I couldnt believe I was able to take his giant cock earlier on. He got up and knelt over me. He fondled my breasts with both his hands. He moved forward so that his hard cock was right in the middle of my breasts then

Escapades of Eva Ch. 55

the three cocks ramming her body started to jerk in unison, and they all cried out with their orgasms' together. Then as she felt her Sir's cum fill her mouth and the hot cream fill her cunt and her ass she began to squeal in unison with the girl sucking her titties and before the shooting cocks were finished she and the pretty little actress


himself thinking back on the changes the past year had brought. He felt older. He was moving further and further away from the past and he knew it. Though he was not yet a man, he could no longer identify with the boy he had once been. Pulling himself back to the present moment, his focus shifted to the person seated across from him. The one

Mike & Peggy

certainly seemed very attracted to him. They had progressed to the point where she would occasionally let him get his hand inside her blouse, even inside her bra, but he still hadn't made any more progress than that. She would rub his cock and balls a bit, but again, only through his clothes.As they headed into winter quarter things changed

My Tortured Slave (Part 1)

pictures of her playing with kids and helping out charities and I knew she would be perfect. I would purge her of her kindness. She would now addresses me with hostility, but I dint have any need for hostility. “I was hoping you would say that” still smiling at her, she saw the look in my eye and her anger was replaced with terror. “No please sir


a Siren? Raven possesses an attraction so magnetic she destroys all who are not careful with her. The aimless ship and the clueless man often meet a similar fate. With her wondrous beauty and hidden genius, Raven has the ability of emptying the entire contents of wallets with nary a word. Even better, one is left with the intoxicating feeling

Inappropriate Ch. 01

women sat two tables away, looking in my direction. But then the noise of the lunchtime crowd came to a natural crescendo, so I could no longer hear their conversation. While I could not hear them, I could definitely discretely see them: two brunettes and a redhead. The redhead particularly attracted my eyes, with long eyelashes which captured

Diamonds In The Rough Ch. 02

He laughed at the dream he had the other night. ‘So much bullshit,’ he thought. Sam was nice enough, but ‘she’ wasn’t a ‘he’. Lynn did enjoy talking with her. He wondered what she did for a living. She seemed to be rather strong. He liked that in a person, male or female. Lynn sat down at his desk and went over tomorrow’s appointments. Lynn was


jeans, I could see the bulge straining against the denim and slowly unzipped the front. As I unzipped the dark blue material I could see a white cotton waistband and as the zipper parted the smooth tanned skin of his thighs. I tugged at the legs of his jeans and slid them down off his legs – muscular calves and thighs ending in a thick white

Christmas Holly

ooze steadily from the tip. I rubbed it roughly against her pouty red lips and told her to start sucking.Before she could open her mouth I pushed against it and felt her lips part just enough to ease the head in. "Suck the juice out, Bitch!" I ordered, and she began to milk my head nicely as I ran my hands over her luscious body. When the ache

A Week In A Dungeon – Day 5A

I’m in Miss Rose’s room! The memories of last night fill her mind, the warm bath Miss Rose made for her. The candle lit dinner they shared, and the glorious, uninterrupted affection Miss Rose has been giving her. Ashley wiggles comfortably in her bed as she slowly wakes up. She feels the warm leather cuffs around her ankles and wrists, they seem

Camping Gone Right ch 2

few more times deep and then pulled back as much as I could cumming closer to the entrance. I felt her pussy start to squeeze me as I sucked her nipple a little harder. we laid back on the couch exhausted“Not bad.” She said as I got up to get a wipe.I wiped my cum off as it dripped out of her and cleaned out as much as I could.We sat and watched

Our Arrangement, Reprise Three

whilst expertly chopping tomatoes. “We found the insects a real pain when we ate outside yesterday.”“No problem at all, Karl.”“Help yourself to a beer.”I did.“An enjoyable afternoon I think?” Karl asked.“Very!  Almira seems to get hornier the hotter it gets.”“She does indeed.  And this surprise little break has relaxed her a lot.” He started to

Letter to Afganistan

It is a gentleman's club where men pay myself and the other girls to be their wife for a while.Sometimes I am told to put on a show for anyone who wants to watch and the rest of the time I am to available for any one to do with me as they like. It is so exciting watching the men come in. They are all so smart, very expensive suits and they all

Auditions At The Strip Club Ch. 1

my trousers and stroked her high cheekbones with it on either side of her pretty face. "Kiss it."She looked it me for a second as though deciding whether it was too late to get back on her feet and walk out. Then she began kissing the shaft of my cock with wet little kisses that made it throb. I put it in between her pert tits and began sliding

Introducing Georgina (Part One)

My name is George Harrington, and I work in the UK porn industry. There, I’ve said it. And do you know what? I’m not in the slightest bit embarrassed or ashamed of that statement. I’ll confess that there have been times (especially at the start) when I seriously wondered if I was doing the right thing, but even now when my “sordid secret”

My Daughter Lauren Part 2

to any island in the nicest hotel. He figured that out for me and told me we had a 2 oclock in the afternoon flight to Hawaii. I walked into Laurens room and told her the news and she said “ ill pack up later, but right now I want to go out for dinner, it is my birthday after all.” I laughed, got dressed and drove to her favorite Italian

Susan A Divorced Mom Protects Her Only Daughter

a thing Susan wouldn’t do to protect her one and only daughter. One evening as Susan arrived home from work she notice an unusual car out in front of her home. She had no idea who it belong to until the passenger door opened. She watched as her daughter Emily climbed out of the car and said, “Bye Derrick. You can pick me up tomorrow after

Wrong Side of Town

it my business. You’d both do well to just leave her be and walk away,’ George heard himself say. ‘Now, where the hell had that come from?’ he wondered as the first man squared up to take his head off with a huge right hand. George kept walking as though he didn’t see the fist until he ducked at the last moment. He launched a spin kick that

Blind Man’s Bluff

me, I wonder to myself if I know this person? I reach the wall and turn leaning my back against it for support, it feels cold against my naked skin as I’m only wearing a little black tight fitting shoe stringed number, I am aware of my breathing I can feel my breasts heaving in my black smooth cupped bra, and I now remember that I didn’t wear any

My Reward Ch. 03

around my neck and last but not least, I took out the blindfold. I paused to admire myself in the mirror – I looked sleek, sexy and alluring... I almost didn't recognize myself - then I slipped the blindfold over my head and positioned it over my eyes. I let out a long, nervous sigh.Right then I felt a light breeze behind me and sensed that


her sixteenth birthday. The males in the neighborhood thought that it was odd, but wonderful. The females thought otherwise. And they began to call her a ‘slut’ and ‘nympho.’ Perhaps the first mostly true, though I have a real problem with those who deem a woman who likes sex as being some kind of a whore. And the second was quite

Dearest Daddy

me. When your balls slap on my arse and your thrusting gets faster I know you are about to drop a load of your hot cum right where it belongs Daddy – deep in my cunt. Daddy has unlocked a side to me that I could have never imagined. That’s when my Daddy becomes my Master and I become your slut. Daddy it used to scare me at first to wear my

Wicked Ties Chapter 3

and glared at her, “You really are a bitch, aren’t you?”She laughed, “Compared to you, I’m a saint.”“Here I am, out of the goodness of my heart, offering my body away…” Derek slurred, sounding hurt.“My heart bleeds for you. Now get out of my room before I introduce you to a crafty little device I like to call a rape whistle.”His eyes widened,

The Dark Lady Ch. 10

‘Ok, Buster, keep it away from Reynolds, he is bad news.’ ‘Don’t worry Parsons, we are doing that cross field thing between the other end and the safety.’ Clemmie punched me and said, ‘Stop daydreaming, we got trouble.’ I hugged her and said, ‘Yes. Trouble. I was thinking about Buster’s passes this morning. We are going to win this game,

The Showing

though as he found he couldn’t really concentrate on work.He was a little nervous at meeting her alone. Previously, he had viewed houses with the wife and kids which kept his attention on the task at hand. Of course there were moments when they’d been left alone in one of the rooms and he really noticed just how cute she was, how young, and how

A Fine Night

hand between my legs as they both felt of my hard cock together. “Why don’t you lean up for me honey?” Lisa suggested as they both continued to touch me. I complied still not sure of where we were going yet, but knowing full well that I loved the feeling of their hands on my cock. “Now, Kevin is going to undo your pants for me. Is that fine with

A Night to Remember

I have never needed more than four or five hours of sleep and while in my younger years that meant I could be out partying most of the night, now at the age of 52 the evenings tend to drag, especially when my wife is away. So I was sitting, half awake, scanning the airwaves for something I recognised, even though I was really not taking anything


rather large pecker, she cornered her eyes to make sure they were watching her. She adored the fact that they could see her lips wrapped around his thick erect cock while her juicy twat was exposed to them. Candi knew it was time to give Devon’s swollen pecker a ride, so she reached over to the top of the nightstand and grabbed her stash of

Wisconsin Ranger PT2

do.” “Is that what you want, really?” She said yes and we got “positioned” on her bed. Naked, except for a pair of panties, Lucy looked like some tropical woman out of the southern islands somewhere. She was exotic, alluring, and enticing enough that I was ready to do just about anything. I felt them up. I turned her on. Finally, as she lay there

Mr. B - Chapter One- Driving Home

for picking us up Dad! ” called out an athletic honey blonde girl.Danielle hurriedly paced toward the sidewalk of a busy one lane road from a wide grassy track and field area, flanked by two other girls at each of her sides. Various people could be seen occupying the field in the distance behind them. A shiny black mustang convertible rested

A quiet afternoon

was, not even a metre away, very much enjoying what he was seeing judging by the very evident bulge in his trousers, she sat up bolt upright and tried to tidy herself. 'Don't stop on my account' he drawled a lazy smile crossing his handsome features 'perhaps I can be of some help and assist you in some way?' he continued. Embarrassed at being


He laid his head back against the chair in frustration, he didn't really understand any of this, and that on top of no sex was really beginning to piss him off. He closed his eyes and allowed himself to enjoy himself, when he heard a noise. He glanced back and saw his room mate Andy standing there, with a tall slender girl. Travis turned in his

Bought and Paid For

cock with the glass in hand to catch the spunk. As Jack pinched her nipples and rubbed his cock over her cunt lips; Katie began begging modestly at first to feel the thick member buried deep inside her cunt; hearing his wife steadily increase her volume and passion to be fucked by another man encouraged JD in his wanking and without being

One Hell of a Ride

tasted incredible. Luke almost squealed as Caleb sucked and licked his hole, thoroughly wetting it with his saliva. “Hmmm…yum.” Caleb teased as he insert two fingers on Luke’s hole and nearly came. He was so tight and hot. “Caleb. Oh god.” Luke moaned as those fingers teased his sweet spot right on. His cock was already dripping precum on the


He holds them both and whispers my name. I feel his warm breath on my face, going increasingly red in the face. The way I can switch from being confident, or nothing but putty in his hands is astounding. His coffee breath, his square front teeth, his scruffy facial hair, his thick glasses. I want to look up but I don’t want to look him in the

Sally-Ann’s Rain Man

‘Not likely since you gave me your business card and told me where you live. You would be wise to have given me an alias if you were. It will be easy enough to check up on you. Further you are not wearing a wedding band now. May I see your left hand please?’ He held it out and I held it rubbing the spot on his third finger. ‘However you wore one

A Patron of the Arts, Part One - Quinn

as I stopped; the head just past the tattered tissue. I gave her a five count, and then drove forward until I was balls deep, my purple helmet pounding into her cervix. She gasped, and I could see her hands clutching the cushion. I paused, and then slowly withdrew until my dick was all the way out. Quinn turned to look at me, a question in her

A Betrothal Turned Sweet

Cael gently pulled Mina back towards him. ‘And I love you,’ he replied, amusement coloring his voice. ‘Now can I have a proper kiss since we’re married?’ Practically blushing, Mina nodded yes as Cael wrapped his arms around her back and bent down to softly kiss her. Brushing his lips against hers, slowly and delicately, Cael tried to coax Mina

The Angel Next Door II

dont want to rush it, but I dont want to take too long too so Im using my own judgment. Hope you enjoy! &hellip,&hellip,&hellip,&hellip,&hellip,&hellip,&hellip,&hellip,&hellip,&hellip,&hellip,&hellip,&hellip,&hellip,&hellip,&hellip,&hellip,&hellip,&hellip,&hellip,&hellip,&hellip,&hellip,&hellip,&hellip,. I ran my fingers through my black hair. It


was, though all of the superrich knew him as a complimentary investor in their enterprises, too. None of them had ever met him in person, but through very secretive manners of communication, almost all had had met them in their offices in simulated presences.Another peculiarity of his, was that he purposely owned very little. Almost everything

Opposites Attract - Part 6

love the man."Is this your first relationship?" He asked."Had a partner a few years ago, stayed with him for about a year before he joined a band and did a lot of traveling. That was his passion so I didn't interfere. His name was Steve.""Do you still keep in touch with Steve?" Joe asked, trying to figure out if Craig still had feelings for

Harder, Faster, Stronger

her aching legs down the final stretch of the track and looked up at her coach.“Too slow?”Reece dangled the stopwatch in front of her face, “Yes. Way too slow.” He scowled as she made to sit down on the grass, “How many times have I told you? You don’t sit down after running!”Alice groaned, buried her pounding head in her hands. She could feel

One Chance for Love

way it encouraged him to hang around just waiting for his chance. I had a boyfriend and he knew it but he said I was too good for the boyfriend and that he would wait until I realized it too. John was right and I knew it, Mark was a loser and would always be a loser but the sex was great and I couldn’t get enough. In the end he dumped me for a

The Dance of Death

her blazing, soaking pussy. She rubbed and rubbed and aaaaaah ahh- as the snake pushed the air from her lungs, her face relaxed, blissfully basking in the afterglow of a multiple orgasm session. She hung limp in the snake's muscular folds, dripping her wetness onto the floor as it opened its jaws. In went the head and torso, the hard nipples and

Sweet Pick Up

get inside my pussy, I could come. But I wanted to come with him inside me so I controlled myself. He took off his clothes, and before I knew it he was pulling the tiny thong panties off me and raising my arms to get the halter top off my tits. He pushed me down on the sofa and stood up so that I could see the size of his penis. I was goose

What If You Were Me?

attention to whatever shit he drunkenly decided we should watch.We have barely spoken all night, minus all the stupid comments he has made about me. I looked like a slut today, probably fucked someone at work. Too stupid to remember what his regular order is at whatever drive-thru he picked. Such a condescending lazy bitch. "Grab me another beer

E061: The Thirty-Fourth Pearl

into her.  She whines with anticipation.Yes, untethered now Donald enters her.  The feeling of the strings against her wet cunt was interesting, but she loves to feel Donald’s raw manhood thrusting into her.  She can’t imagine another man ever entering her special lust cave but Donald.  It had been rather fun doing the chatting and then video

Sex With The Pharaoh

were cramping, pulling the two heavy Armani suitcases across the rough limestone floor. When I finally reached the huge cast iron gate surrounded by the tall stone pillars, two guards came out and looked at me suspiciously. I spoke to them in Arabic, trying to explain to them I knew the pharaoh’s son, Akhanamenoon and was in Egypt only for one

Seashells Ch. 02

And yet, she could still feel the touch of his lips upon hers. The stronger her attraction for him, the more she reminded herself to keep a tight hold on her heart. There was an insurmountable barrier between them. For the moment she could visit his world but she knew without a doubt she could never live there. It was a good thing to remember. A

Best Summer of Our Lives

Her honey colored brow rose again and her lips folded into a pout. She slumped back in her chair with her arms folded under her chest. ‘Too bad,’ was her simple quiet remark. Another mental face-palm for Fisher. ‘Fuck, what am I doing?’ he silently questioned himself. He wasn’t sure if she was teasing or if she was serious. What he was sure of

The Rendezvous

to follow My directions and I wanted to find out why. I rang the doorbell then stepped back while I waited for her to answer. I saw the look of total surprise on her face when she opened the door and saw me standing there. She glanced over my shoulder to see if the neighbors were out, but the cold winter weather was keeping everyone indoors.

Her Daughters' Sex Toy Ch. 03

and squirming inside. Both women are at a fever pitch, sexually. More-so Luci, who is responding to her client's expert and prolonged fondling of her breasts and ass. She slides one of her free hands between them and into Monica's pants again to measure the length and girth of the huge strap-on she hungers to have buried a s far up her ass as it

Raw Meat

for him. she refuses to cry for herself. Thankfully, or perhaps simply mercifully, the cooling unit switches off, and instantly the backside of charlotte's topless body feels just a little warmer. The slave flexes her hands and slowly turns in circles to try to lessen the strain of being in the same position for such as long, long, long time. For

my first camping trip (part 1)

apologize for getting pee on her hand. haha its ok Cindy, i dont mind. its just pee she said pulling her hand back. i wonder what it tastes like she said again, reaching her hand up to her face. probably like the beer you gave me hahaha i said, joking, not thinking that she would actually taste it. well, i was wrong! she put her fingers in her

Broadway Hollywood Ch. 2

of her rosebud with my cock, I could feel her resistance. Then more pressure and a small divot formed as her ass began yeilding. Then, as though by command, I felt Allison relax completely and yield up her anus to my intruding fat cock. In just one short, amazing second, my cock slid effortlessly into the tight, slick channel of her rectum. The

Big Slut on Campus: Part Two

was one large open space sparely furnished. Sara’s queen bed was at the far end, on the wall opposite the entrance. “It’s perfect,” Jackie said when she saw it. She and Sara were sitting on stools at the island counter in the kitchen, the remains of a round of Brie, a bowl of multigrain crackers, and a bottle of Chablis in front of them. She

Time Testing 101: Tim’s New Book

such people in costumes checking out the hundreds of booths full of stuff. Disgusted finally, Timothy stormed off down a nearby aisle, the girl following behind him yelling to the others, ‘I’ll keep an eye on him! If he buys more porno, I’ll tell!’ Catching Timothy, the girl was smiling behind her thick-lens glasses. He stared back a look of

Kelly Loves Black Cock!

suggested that I go ahead and use the men’s spa shower stall. He said that there were no more appointments scheduled for the rest of the day and if I’d hurry, he’d lock the door and wait outside.I decided that it was worth it to save time before picking her up and going to meet my husband. I entered the men’s shower with my towel and removed

Opposites Attract Ch. 01

pressure on his hand, her feet continuing their slow up and down trail along his leg. ‘Marie… ‘ he gasped, his free hand carefully gripping her arm. ‘I… I can’t, I’ll hurt you.’ he groaned. She leaned forward then, pressing her body against his, her hard nipples pressing through the thin layers of fabric between them like little pebbles as she


Ryan, her name isn't Sheryl. Her name is Tameka. Tameka Barker." "Tameka Barker," I repeated, looking at her. "This your brother?" "Brother? Try her fucking husband," he snarled. What the fuck...."Husband? Your muthafucking husband?" I asked, looking from him to her. I went slap-the-fuck off. "Bitch you trying to get me fucking killed?

Kat’s Story Ch. 03

I pulled off my shorts and thong then fished those damn balls out of my pussy. They were coated with my juices and looked disgusting. I sat down on the couch, spread my legs and plunged three fingers into my pussy. It only took a few strokes until I started spasming. My orgasm was quick and definitely unfulfilling. I’d been so horny from those

Decent into the Bull Pen

hand over her mouth loosens to let her breathe as my formidable cock continues driving in deeper inside her, still not fully penetrating her but relentlessly trying to. The sheer surprise and raw pain mixed together to shut out every other sensation, and all she can think about is my cock shoving into her, nothing else existed, but darkness. I'm

Josh and R.J. Chapter 1

church, classes, and the same shyness around girls. Now at 17 and just at the brink of hormonal combustion, they both shared a crush on the same girl. Steffie was just drop dead gorgeous, from the moment she moved to town in their junior year, they were both hopelessly hooked. It was not a completely unfamiliar triangle. But, in reality Steffie

Two o clock

rest. I’d been interviewing for my new assistant all morning and Iwas absolutely exhausted. “Come in” I said reluctantly, glancing at my clock. Twentyto two. Whoever it was had better make it quick. In stepped Jared. Tall,muscular and such a player. We’d had a steam quickie two weeks ago in thebathroom at the Christmas party and I have to admit


nice to ruin by getting paint on it," I insisted. "And you look absolutely gorgeous in it too." Kelly looked at me in disbelief at what she was hearing."Have you been taking drugs or something?..... Since when did you ever say anything nice to me?" she asked."Well I've never seen you in just your slip before," I replied. Kelly paused from her

The works

the same time didnt want to show her fear. Now this is a scenario with two ways to go, one you struggle I rape you in the most violent fashion, kill you quickly and bury you in the snow for some perverted tramp to come along or option two, I gently undress you, Ill have my fun whilst trying to make this beneficial to you to, Ill dress you and

Calista's Dungeon Ch. 22

sensations. Calista returned to her and kissed her deeply once more, telling it was all right to cry out at the pain. Celeste nodded as Calista took careful aim at the slave's sweet throbbing clit. She raised the whip high and swiftly struck at the clothespin on the girl's clit. Celeste screamed as she felt the whip strike her tender clit flesh,

The Wages Of Flashing

felt it again, and again, and then she was lost, shuddering violently with those two cocks filling her holes and that word ringing in her head. Spitroast.For a moment, she lost track of where she was. Then she realised that she was sitting on the low wall. She couldn’t remember how. Her legs must have given out. They still felt weak.Then she

The Babysitter (Chapter 2)

immobilizing me against the headboard, while the girls rested next to each other, more or less in my lap). The bed was soaked with various fluids, and alive with buzzing vibrators. We eventually came to our senses, and I asked if I might be freed from the bedposts. The girls looked hungrily at each other. “Not yet,” Clarice said, reaching for


for him. He told her to hold that plug in her ass till he took it out. He started spanking her ass again...not as hard as he did the first time, this time was just to reawaken those nerve endings. The entire time he was spanking her ass again she was begging him to please let her cum...He never answered her...just kept telling her that she was

He is my Master

the spell, he reaches for the pocket knife tucked just out of sight, flipping the blade up, idly cleaning his pipe. "Take off your clothes."Usually, when we play, we are not in full view of his door. Anyone walking by could peek in and see us -- and he has company coming in and out all the time. Sucking his cock is one thing, I'm not the one

Dirty Bitch: A Novel

was,’ I said, crudely. My beautiful missus allowed herself to smile, rather devilishly, and then, with her fingers sleekly rearranging her fine dark hair, got up off her knees and moved over to the cubicle door. ‘Come on,’ she said, flipping the lock open and swiftly descending out into the room. ‘Let’s have some wine in the restaurant.’ ‘Yes,

Elvira, my Spanish neighbor

school chicks claimed I was very unattractive… horrible, nice and polite, though.  I was too skilful, capable, at  moving around without problems to flatter girls, court and finally conquer them. I liked to clown for them. Your next question would be: “Why should this guy be so ugly, and referred to as “the bug”? Well, here comes the answer: my

The Mosque Toilet

my eyes where she asked for specifically a Muslim man to abuse her. I knew she was from the local area so I decided to send her a private message. She did respond but as usual with all the sluts, you'd be lucky if you get more than five words out of her. Anyway, here was the small conversation we had.********I'm a Muslim and I wanna turn your

First Time With Another Couple

not sure why but you extend your hand towards her, and she takes your hand in hers while she looks at you with deep, dark eyes. You smile and Marcy returns the gesture revealing a set of cute dimples and a genuine joy that comes from her eyes. You start to rub her arm a little and she does the same to your thigh. Oh my god, that feels sexy,

Stepford Meat Swap

fallen asleep while her father drove the car up the coast closer and closer to Stepford while on a curved road on a cliff the car jerked, Steve lost control of the wheel and the car hit the railing causing a horrid grinding nose and sparks to fly every where. Thinking fast Steve slapped Jessica in the face to wake her up and she was about to get

First Time In 19 years

later. Since the day I met her,I gave up my sexual encounters with men and focused on her. We have a great relationship and a beautiful daughter who is on her way to college. Two weeks ago my wife went away on a business trip to San Diego and my daughter went to Arizona to spend time with the grandparents before she left for school. I never gave

The Good Guy all the Bad Girls Want part 1.

Ben. Aunt Barbra was my mother's sister. Nice to meet you."Compassion flooded her cheeks as she gave my hand a squeeze before letting it go. "Oh, we're all so shocked and sad at your Aunt's passing. So out of the blue. Tell your mom we're asking after her and if there's anything she needs help with she can give us a call anytime.""Thanks, I

Getting Caught

must see how you taste now... then... maybe..."She leaned over and lowered her eager mouth to the head of my cock. Her tongue licked and her lips wrapped around the head and a soft moan from her sent shivers through me like sensual lightning. Slowly her head moved down to take two or three inches into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around tip and

Sex on the Beach

was too hot to sleep. Due to the heat, I had become accustomed to sleeping in nothing except my knickers. Steph was in the same scenario, though had somehow drifted off and was sprawled on the bed next to me snoring away. I couldn’t stop thinking about Dimitri, saddened by the thought of not seeing him again. I started to think about his fingers

Forbidden Love M&J Part 2

closed the locker, immediately knowing who it was. "What the fuck do you want?""Whoa!" he chuckled, leaning against the locker with a smile. "What's wrong with YOU, babe?""You don't get it, do you?" I said, walking away, with him on my tail."No, not really," he joked. "What's wrong, babe?""Stop fuckin' calling me that!" I blurted out. Just then,

Summer Vacation Ch. 07

her hips, his aunt took him inside her. The invasion of her nephew’s cock sent thrills shooting up and down Karen’s spine. ‘Yes!’ she hissed. ‘That’s what I need!’ She kissed him again. ‘We have to be quiet, though. Kim wouldn’t understand this!’ Tommy wasn’t about to argue. His cousin might tell her father, and Uncle Dave was a big man, with a

Sharing My Wife Amanda- Chapter 1

a blowjob, so I took a page out of her playback and stared into Dimitri’s eyes as my mouth continued to work on his cock.My best friend threw his head back and moaned in approval. His hard on quivered in my hand. Amanda actually squealed in delight and clapped her hands. I began sliding Dimitris cock into my mouth.“Don’t suck too hard or

Dust in the Wind

that I had bought a bed with a matrass and pillows – the matrass and pillows would be brought in that afternoon, the bed somewhere next week. For now, I had to pay this – Girmay pointed to one number behind a row of their incomprehensible letters, when the matrass and the pillows, three pillows (!), were delivered, I had to pay this, and when the

College Happenings

his crotch all the while she was going at her big round tit. “Wow…do you do that a lot honey?” he asked. His eyes were big and round. “I uh guess so…yeah sure. Uhhh did mommy ever do this?” she asked. “Ohhhhhhh no dear,” he said as he shook his head, “never.” “Uhhhhhh daddy…would you uhhh like to try doing it?” she asked. “Uh oh God,” he said.

Fraternity Whore

tendency to spit, I grabbed the back of her head and skulled fucked her as I blew my load deep in her mouth down her throat. She was going to swallow it, because I was not letting her up for air. I shoot massive amounts of cum and she swallowed it all down. AS she got up, we finished showering and started to dry off. Since Megan was dry, I ripped

Sasha and Clair

and came toward me with a red 8-inch dick. This was just too good! What pleasure I had with her slicing that thing into me from behind as we watched ourselves in the mirror. When she aimed the phallus at my butthole and paused, I gave her permission to enter. My dad's girlfriend had been in there and it felt really good. Sasha rubbed my dripping

Something Wicked This Way Comes Ch. 03

her. I’m going to kill you.’ Josh said ‘Leave her alone!’ Ferris cocked his head to the side. He was suddenly so enraged that he stood up straighter and puffed up his chest. ‘You threatening me boy?!’ I watched Ferris walk stalk towards Dex and Josh, slapping the baton in his hand several times. The sound echoed off the walls, it was so quiet you

Close to Home

life and these things were now firmly within his grasp. He didn’t want anyone getting in the way of that, least of all me. He tried to see me the next day, but I didn’t feel like meeting him. There was nothing to say and no kisses to kiss. I loved him still, but how could I bear to be with him when he was soon to be gone? Better to part now,

Asian Mom Jenny and her son Chris Series 2: Part 2

it honey! I beamed back with a smile. Now its your time to get on your knees! Chris chuckled a little before complying and clamping his lips around my pussy. After spending the morning exercising, I didnt have the chance to relieve myself yet. And whether it was because of the running water from the showerhead or not, but I suddenly I needed to

Indiscretions Ch. 09

asked. ‘Sometimes,’ Tom admitted. This was the second day they’d spent time together. After their first afternoon and evening of love-making, they both knew they had to see each other again. That’s why, the next morning, Tom called his wife and said he wouldn’t be home until Monday. After he made the call, he paced as he waited for Linda to

Bound and Teased

to this night ever since you mentioned your fantasy of being tied up. I have plotted, and planned, and now here you are. I pull you into my arms, embracing you, as we kiss passionately. Holding you close, our lips caress, soft, warm, and wet, mmmm! I sneak my tongue into your mouth and you hungrily suck on it as shivers run up and down my spine.

Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 31

those items off her list. She had wrestled with the question of finding a new guitarist, but with the tour so close, she decided she had to drop it. The odds of finding someone now, who could learn the songs and take the time necessary for the tour, were slim at best. In addition, with the four of them meshing so well, it seemed foolish to

Damned if You Do, Damned if You

out at the last minute. Several guys were killed just before I was due to fly out there and your mother said something about not being able to sleep at night because of the worry. I figured I’d pop the question when I’d safely returned home.’ ‘And my dad beat you to it?’ ‘Better than beat me to the starting gate Becky, they were married and your

My Best Friend Mom Ch.3

slides me to the middle of the float we are still on and climbs on top of me straddling my hips. The float is a little wobbly but she manages to get my cock lined up with her pussy entrance and starts to shove it in. She lowers herself inch by inch until I hit bottom. To get leverage she places her hands on my chest and starts to go up and down

Mound of Ass

the tight pressure that surrounded my shaft. I started to work faster, Meagan's screams of pain and fear were now mixed with moans of enjoyment. I groaned once more and knew I would be at my climax within a few moments and could feel it building inside me. I groaned again. "Eric Hess!" I opened my eyes to find Mrs. Holloway

The Park Encounter

of the park, where the fallen leaves blow in the autumn windThis is not the first time here and in deed not the first time you have sinnedThe instructions were clear with the time, place and being on the swingsYou know you had to do it probably even if people may see some thingsYou were glad when the park was empty and no kids there to meetAs you

Concerning Suzi's Home

voice; "You've been a naughty servant. Not addressing us properly, and now you dare criticize how we discipline you?"One hand gently held my shoulders down. The other had it's thumb on my sphincter and index finger rubbing my pussy lips."Do not make a sound you bad little slut."The sensation. Her touch, the warm autumn breeze, the orange glow of

Don't Say A Fucking Word

else in the world mattered other than feeling good with each other. She leaned her face forward to his neck. He let out a gutteral moan as he felt and heard her hot, short excited breathing close to his ear. She scraped his neck with her teeth and bit it softly as he strained to get his arms free to grab her ass, take control and fuck the hell

The Great Out doors Day 1 and Morning of 2

draining the water from that again. I had started to pull down my pants and bring my 6 inches to the world just as I was about to sit I started to fall. Shit.“AHHHHH” screamed me and Kensy in unison.“Ike what the fuck are you doing” Kensy screamed.I was still as hard as a rock. I could feel her eyes on my erect member.“More like what the fuck are

Someone Was There #8

you working there or marrying a sheikh?" I ask."Most definitely working," she replies rather emphatically.I lean across the table and before kissing her firmly on the mouth, say to her, "delicious breakfast."Rose returns my kiss very passionately. We look into each other's eyes and wordlessly rise from the table. Rose walks backward, reaching out

Learning to Let Go

could tell by the change in her tone that the scene was over, so he replied like he normally would."It was awesome. I never felt like that before. Did you like it?""Absolutely. You're a born submissive. I'm happy we found each other."She saw something else in his expression."What's on your mind?"He looked down like he was embarrassed."It's just

Park Play

do. As I arrive at the bench I slip my hand into my jacket pocket and pull out the silky neck tie he had left at my house one evening. I sit down and cross my legs looking around to make sure I was alone. I notice my own shapely calf and red high heel dangling over my other leg and feel a little excitement in the pit of my stomach and at my core.

My First Crush With A Slut

girl friends or would actively chase girls. When it became apparent to me that the world was passing me by, I decided to act. There was this beautiful girl in my senior class who was exceptionally smart. I must have fixated my desires on her though she intimated me to no limit. Juanita did realize my interest in her and she surprised me by

Spanked by my Babysitter 2

Crack ! Crack ! Crack! Then she pulled out a paddle from the side of the leather couch. She then changed over to the paddle, rubbing my ass after each smack. She asked, "Do you know why you'rbeing punished naughty boy?" I said, "Yes mistress, I do." She continued paddling my ass with the paddle. My ass began to to turn red already. "I see your

An Accidental Love God Ch. 08B

sessions. I never found out what happened to Alan. As for the programmer and I, we are now living together and Gina is a frequent guest. Wrap up It is the Accidental Love God again. I met Jeff for breakfast . He seemed a tad worse for wear but would survive. Alan was incredibly hung-over but did remember the important details, at least. Alan did

Joining the Circle Ch. 05

Master.""Go back and get the bottle. I want to make sure you did not miss any places.""Yes, Master."Junie waddled back into her room and returned with the bottle. She stood with her legs spread, her head hanging in embarrassment as Bob put a second layer of the sunscreen on her, starting at her face and ending at her feet, careful to not miss a

Hunting For Admiration

conscious animal, his thrusts slowing but becoming harder so he could hear the moist sound louder. He withdraws his cock with a long moan, water and cum dribbling out. Warren kneels down and places his lips on the buck's asshole, eating the asshole like a peach with his tongue slipping inside. He places his hand on and massages the animal's


at the door. He seemed a little nervous of course, and gulped down a full glass of wine, as did she. I sipped mine and kind of helped get things going. She sat on the couch between us and started the film. She had on a jogging suit. I did too, as he had on short shorts and a T shirt. I took his arm and we both put them around her. I watched her

I knew my brother was dirty...

smell of his cum had gone straight to my head.   I needed to taste it.   I licked the sticky fluid from the crotch of my panties as I stuck the handle of my hairbrush straight up into my soaking wet pussy.   My orgasm was virtually instant.   I went back to my bedroom and fucked myself to two more orgasms with my mini vibrator (mail

Crystal Moves Forward

pain that Crystal orgasmed immediately. Taking the half inch wide and three inch long strip of cunt lip in her hand, Crystal told Sherrie to open her mouth. When Sherrie refused to obey, Crystal clamped her fingers around the teens neck and began choking her, not caring whether the girl opened her mouth first or died. Sensing her peril and by the

Ruby's New Life Part 5

add a bridle and a saddle and some hooves and you get the idea.”“Oh. I can’t say it appeals to me.”“Good, it doesn’t to me. I would like to have you in a yoga class, though. It keeps the body in shape and watching you do early morning yoga nude would be a spectacular start to my day.”“I love yoga.” I smiled and maintained eye contact as I

An Unexpected Journey Ch. 05

not have children he still breathed a deep sigh of relief when he received the divorce documents and rapidly signed the necessary papers. Their marriage had lasted a total of three years.One weekend while on shore leave in Vancouver, Washington, he had been invited by a fellow officer to attend a BDSM club. Nathan was not prepared for what he had

Random Encounters

and closed her eyes enjoying the moment.She could feel sweat beading on her chest, it slowly ran down in between her breasts, her nipples hardened and she felt warmth down between her legs, she was savoring the feelings, and resisting the urge to touch herself."mmmm......hnngg..." there were moaning sounds coming from the back bench, Beth snuck a

Ichigo Fang 2 (Wolven V-Card part 2)

flush for the first time. He kissed her again and began to lay her down on her back onto the showers’ soaked tilted floor. Dante proceeded to pull off Cyarra’s blue swim suite and gaze upon her beautiful body: her perky C cup breast, tight tummy, baby bottom smoothly shaven pussy- she was definitely the most beautiful girl to Dante. “Dante, stop

Unforgettable night

not likely to come back soon. I said, “Oh! That will be great, but you also need rest after dancing for hours. Moreover you are alone in your apartment and it will not be proper for me to go to your apartment at this hour.” Mita said, “Come on uncle, after all you are my uncle, you can always be with your niece. Isn't it?” I did not know how


mattered. I felt her pussy tighten up extremely on my dick, causing me to climax as well. She screamed at me to cum into her pussy. My hips and her hips moved faster and faster until my load was unleashed into her. With my cum dripping out of her pussy, she continued to rub her clit violently as she squirted her juices out on to me releasing a

The Thirty Seventh Floor

she was finding it hard to look Mr. Campbell in the eye. “No Bridget darling. You are just in time for dinner. I hope you like steak because I had the chef grill one for you as well.” Robert said, placing his hand on the small of Bridget’s back and directing her to the dining room. “If you’d like something else I can have him prepare it instead.”

Chance encounters, strangers on the train

thigh, upon reaching its destination he found no panties covering what was by now a very wet sticky pussy. As he slid a finger inside she groaned with pleasure and her grip on his hard mass intensified. He added another finger to the wet wanton tunnel, sliding them in and out gently.The kissing became even more lustful as their tongues became

Ann Bound

my others (and not as Spanking/BSDM)–it’s written for a ‘friend’. And yes, if you’re that friend, you should be following the rules–naked and reading from your lovely knees. Be good. Be very good or else I’m afraid I’ll have to… The butterflies arrived halfway through dinner. She’d been nervous before that moment, but not unbearably so. She

Her Pet Amuses Her

low and breathy. "Perfect. Those are going to be a VERY important part of my . . . amusement . . . this evening. Now, then - let's begin, shall we?"Sightless and nearly immobile, I hear you walk over and sit down on the couch, just a few feet in front of me. Time slows as I await the first of the expected sensations. Will it be the anal probe? Or

The Demerit System, part 6

Linda, you're dismissed now." She reached down and pulled her panties and pants back up. Her eyes went around the room and she turned and walked out of the room, rubbing her bottom as she walked. She headed into the hall, her footfalls fading as they headed up the stairs. Pete turned back to the two girls on the couch and said to Lana, "Hi, Lana.

"Mistaken Identity"

Every time I thought he couldn’t go deeper I felt him slam against the back of me. I couldn’t believe I was able to take all of that dick. My body was shaking and my legs were starting to go numb, I was cumming. I felt it start to drip down my leg as he pounded more getting closer and closer. He pulled himself out of me and said “Get down, open

Alexa is alone at the party

to this party meant that she would most likely get a little drunk and that she and her friends would make out with the guys. Jenna and the girls had already told Alexa that they wanted to go. Jenna was into sex and liked being watched as she fucked a guy. Lisa was just as slutty as Alexa and would take guys into the locker room shower and let

For My Master

headed, I suck harder, scraping my teeth along the length of your rigid cock. A deep groan escapes your lips; I feel the hot cum splashing against my throat... I swallow... swallow. sucking harder... pumping tighter... you moan louder... still splashing against my throat. Then You stop, your body shaking, your breath raspy. I slowly lick up and


few times before she surprisingly took it in her mouth sucking on it. On either side of my rod and her stroking hand, her eyes were fixed on mine. Normally I would love to shoot my load in her mouth, but not tonight. I caught her off guard by asking for something else. ‘Will you bounce on me?’ ‘Of course,’ Vanessa replied. She stood up, spun

The new neighbors

meet Kim!” as she closes the door behind us.Ian I just wan to sayI stop her before she can say anything; I know I said I wont say anything I promise.She smiles and says good, as she gives me a kiss on the cheek, it was fun giving me a wink, see you later tonight as she starts to skip down the drive way.I shake my head and start down the driveway

Growing Up in the 50s

sentence.As I close my eyes I can still see myself on my back, my 32C bra sized tits as firm as rocks stretching my skin they were still growing and my nipples now a bright red from the table rubbing.Of course Janey was posting her colours to the mast on what her and Paul got up to."Shall I hold her tits up by her nipples so you get a good shot?"

A Night in the Playroom

and I retrieve my weapon of choice."Thank you, Chalmers.""Sir." Chalmers now offers you the tray."Thank you, Chalmers. You are excused." You dismiss him and he leaves us."Ready my pretty pet?" you link arms with me and guide me to the double doors."I am heady with anticipation, daddy" I smile at you and kiss your cheek.You swing the heavy wood

Another Afternoon

to Lady Denise and told her she would have the honors of starting with this punishment! And while Lady Denise was whipping me, Mistress backed up to my face and presented her beautiful bare butt for my inspection.Mistress Mona then told me to put my tongue and mouth to good use, since her tight little asshole was planted right on my nose. I was

Brenda and Connie Ch. 02

As they arrived at his place, which was some ten miles from campus, Connie cursed herself for not insisting on following him in her car. She had a dreaded inkling that come morning, he would not be so ready to return her promptly. She realized that she was not going to have fun so that she was anxious to get it over with as soon as possible.

Mummy Made Me Cum… With Her Feet

upstairs into the bath i walked upstairs after having my breakfast to get my clothes on i noticed the door slightl open and the shower curtain pulled round and her barefeet hanging under the curtain. they were dripping wet with water slightly wrinkly from the bath. i had to start jerking off, i pulled my now erect 8 incher from my pants and

Candle Holder

the candles upright. Then she heard it. The sound of a match being struck. Then the acrid sulfur smell hit her.He lit the candle in her ass and blew out the match and then nothing. He said nothing else, made no noise, didn't touch her. For long minutes she waited for something to happen. She felt like time had stopped.Then it happened all at

Mistress and Her Friend

didn't seem to mind. Pulling even harder on my hips, the man thundered his hips forward, burying himself up to the hilt, he hips tapping against mine.If he had felt big in my mouth... I had never felt so full.I let out a moan as the man began to pull out the smaller amount before ramming it back in, slowly working his way up until he was almost

Short, Sexy and sweet

attention. come on sleepy head, time to get up, i need your help today his mother sang softly, knowing how her son was in the morning. She poked him in, where she thought his back was playfully. Jericho moaned, but didnt move, just to tease his mother. His mother poked harder and yanked the sheet off without question. Fine mum he sighed, he

Special Case Ch.1: Introducing Dakota

head and shoved it down on his dick as it began to twitch and send spurts of cum down her throat. She pulled away gagging on his cum and a few strands landed on her face and hair. Please let it be over! Donna thought. “Oh, it is,” said Dakota, “but now you know to much.” Donna, without cleaning herself up, walked over to the wall. Her life had

Our Stories: Break Time in the Back Room

wasn’t home with Sheri very much. She actually started coming over to the shop to help me paint or clean or whatever jobs she could do. It was sweet that she just wanted to be around and be some kind of help.A few days before opening, I was really stressed out. When Sheri got out of work that day, around 3:30, she came right to the shop without

07 - The Julie Journals - A Job

as her warm mouth worked up and down she felt him begin to hump his cock into her face. Soon his hand came under the table and holding her head in place he grunted as he shot deep into her mouth. Swallowing the cum Julie stood as smiled at the rest of the table and carefully wiped a stray drop from the side of her mouth and placed her finger in


nipples pointing straight into the air. Her white thighs trembling from the strain placed on her tendons required to hold her legs in their current position. Yes he mused to himself he had one very delectable pony girl and almost felt bad for what he was about to do. But it would help her, build her pain tolerance and transform her into a true

My Mature Fuck Buddy

As the internet connections got better we regularly chatted on yahoo and started camming with each other. We would also exchange some photographs (some of the ones she sent to me I have posted in the photos section). On some visits back to the UK I convinced my friend to pose for me and I took some good photos of her. However, she resisted my

A First Time For Everything

don’t know. Oh God…”Hattie began to twitch as her building orgasm sent spasms through her. She turned her head to look at Dave and was startled by the look of deepest lust he returned. Dave’s eyes were fixed on her, not Chastity. She hadn’t expected that.“Kiss me,” she murmured to her beloved husband. “Kiss me.”Dave rolled towards her and their

One for the Road

be wearing. You look at me as though you can see something I have long forgotten, I don’t know what it is and I don’t want to take the time to examine further. I want the familiar, beautiful cock I can feel in my hand. I want you to take me with our special brand of ferocity, re-kindled here in this limbo-land, sex without consequences,

My last fantasy: I wish I were Marcos

so Marcos resumed his chat about the good recollections as co workers at that company, flattering remarks and would compliment Raquel whenever he had a chance. He even mentioned he had always liked her and used to even court her but had quit as all chances were lost by introducing Luis to her.Marcos had gained confidence by midnight at the party

The Window

the first thing I did after the ink on the divorce papers dried was to move back to the city. I was originally from the city and I had missed it. My wife was a bit of a country girl and our compromise of living in the suburbs was never completely satisfying to me. I missed the vast array of bars, clubs and theaters that the city offered. In

One Time

back to his home. When they arrive, he gives her a tour. She comments that it looks mostly normal. He says all the interesting bits have been put away.He orders some Italian food to be delivered. He tells her to remove all her clothing except the boy shorts and her tank top. She goes upstairs and returns dressed as he asked. He is seated on the

My Very First Time - True Story

how good it was, but I had to wait until just the right moment to find out for myself.  Going away to college was going to be my very first opportunity to go on a real date, and I could hardly wait.  Little did I know that was going to happen in this the last few weeks of my last summer at home. Driver training was on Tuesday and Thursday

the golf course part one

I gently pushed her back on the long and lay on top of her kissing her. I was hesitating to do anything else when I realised she already unzipped my jeans and was pulling my cock out of my trousers. By this time my cock was rock hard and it seemed to get even harder as I felt her soft hand start to rub my cock. At first she was gentle, running

Helping Lil Sis Study Part 1

wiggled and shifted around a little, thinking it was a pencil case or something that had been in Kyle's lap. Having Samantha's perfect ass grinding more and more into Kyle's raging hard on made Kyle grunt as he refrained from ripping off those cute little shorts right then and fucking her untouched young pussy on her bed.Voices started to yell at

The Temptress of Tanner Street

corners. Liz took a moment to drink in the sight, enjoying the way her large breasts rose and fell, obviously under the spell of arousal. She moved slowly, silently settling on the edge of the bed and pushing her red lace panties, the crotch wet and smelling of pussy, into Sara’s mouth, silent laughter bubbling up as the bound woman let out a

A Nerd learns how to alter his popularity

alter. He would simply request what he wanted the person to do and the machine would program a false level of high popularity to the person, until the request was filled out. He was ready to test it out. The next morning he got ready for school, setting up his machine to his glasses and setting the box inside his pocket. Mitchell cleverly picked

The Library

at every sound, every creak of the floor. She could hear some students in a study group a few aisles away and she prayed desperately that they did not head in her direction. Mixed in with the fear of being caught was a strange sense of eroticism, there was something about the risk of being caught and being in public that excited her."Well lets

The Teacher's Conference

simple" gasped Robin. This man was offering thousands of dollars of tutoring with only the possibility he'd ever be paid anything."No, it won't be simple." he agreed. She'll still need a degree. But if I work with her until she graduates, she'll be able to test out of her undergraduate language classes. She's an excellent student, and I can get

Mistress and Slave

begs to be allowed to cum, fearing he will be unable to prevent it even if he should wish to. A smile, hidden from his view, flashes across her lips. A little pressure from the finger rimming his red bud of an anus as the other drags nails down his back and round to tug and pull at his sack, cupping and squeezing with abandon. Her finger slowly,

Asian Whore in Live Sex Show with Animals

The dog’s white seed dribbled out the corners of my mouth and down my neck to my tits.“Oh god,” the man said as he pounded his cock into my red swollen pussy. “Drink that dog’s cum you cunt. Suck it good. Suck it like the good little Asian whore that you are.” And with that, the stranger shoved his dick inside my pussy shooting his load with one

Taking Her- Face Down, Ass Up

and then reinsert."Oh God! Aaah! AAAH! I'm going to cum!" Her hips seized in the air a convulsive manner as she came, finger nails digging into my back.As it subsided I whispered "I'm not done with you". I removed the vibrator and aggressively rolled J onto her stomach, placing a couple of pillows under her hips as I had seen before. The unsaid

Dinner with Laura

me to wear. Remember?" I laughed. "I said a low cut top, short skirt, stockings, and heels. I didn't say the top should be skin tight.""You want me to take it off?"I knew then that we were going to get along fine. You were brazen, cute, and sexy as hell. It was going to be a struggle to keep my hands off of you.Before I could think of an answer

Fluff Boy/Bound To Please

are with Your hot sexy lover Fernando, You and he totaly ignore me, as i am not there, this is Your private alone time with him.You have explained before that i may reach down and touch myself with my shackled hands, but that i may not orgasm. You own my orgasm so of course i obey. i touch myself just thinking about and being excited at the

A Staff Party Incident

onto her strappy heels. “Hey Boss, what you doing out in this weather?”“Walking home, as I see you are. I don’t live far from here, why don’t you come on inside until this downpour passes?”“Ummm…. maybe…it’s not too far until my place…”“Well I can have you warm and dry in no time, we could have a drink while we wait?”Joshua could see her eyes

The Wager

not touching, it. Slowly, he worked around the circumference until every beautiful inch of her enticing orb glistened with a fine coating of saliva, except the now perfectly erect nipple and its tiny goose bumps. Sally did not say a word; she let her body do the talking. She squirmed and twisted, trying and trying to push her nipple into his

Any Opportunity Will Do Ch. 15

to put her through to The News of the World, and then asked for the Editor, telling him she was Joshua Morrison’s ex wife and would they like to discuss a possible deal for information and photo’s of him. The Editor sitting in his news room raised a hand over to one of the best on his staff and beckoned him over. ‘Of course Mrs Morrison, we’d be

Jake's Saga - Ch. 3 - Katie's Punishment

soft, he rolled over and laid on his back, Katie assessed her situation, pulling off her torn yoga pants, and used them to sponge off his semen that coated his body. "You dick!" she jokingly said "these were comfy pants, you're buying me a new pair!" "Well it Sounds like I’m taking you shopping," Jake replied. They rolled out of bed and got

Christina and Cheryl

cock in my mouth. I never considered myself attracted to males as such, but I did love the idea of a big, thick cock in my mouth. I stretched my mouth as far as possible. It was such a struggle just to fit the tip in. I slowly moved to the side, fitting more and more of her inside my mouth. I slid my hand on the cock and slowly tugged in, back

Changing The Ref's Call

Her body cunvulsed as the double sensations drove her to excitement and orgasm.Bill slowly rocked back and forth nice and slowly. The feeling was so tight and felt so good. He had never had sex like this before. Kelly moaned with pleasure as she reached another orgasm. Bill was coming soon too. The tightness of her ass was getting the desired

Dinner Is Cold

against my bare ass. I flinched in pain before my face fell into the food. I heard her laugh at me, she was watching me in this humiliating position and being entertained by it."Alex, eat your god damn dinner or I'm taking it away from you," She said as she struck me again with the belt, "You have one minute to finish before I take it away from

Emma's Green Eyes and Matching Thong

and Emma was now dripping into my mouth. She was cumming! In my mouth! Her taste made me drunk with passion. I felt her shake as she gasped for air. I slowed down to let her orgasm finish. She lay there, not moving. As her breath came back to her, she lay there still not moving. After a minute or two she sat up and drank some of the water.

Passion in the Vault

of 2, and Puerto Rican. At first, I wasn’t extremely attracted to Vanessa. I’d been around some of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen in college, so I hadn’t really thought about an older (to me) woman. But working in a professional environment, usually filled with older women (not many attractive) can make your mind start to wander after a

After school antics

what felt like it radiated through my body and I jolted. He started lapping away at me my juices starting to flow like a burst dam, his tongue plunged into my hole making a gasp escape from me with each thrust of his tongue I was nearing my climax. However, it was the circling of his tongue on my clit that finally pushed me over the edge and what

Floor 47

more security officers surrounded him. They insisted on giving Booker a pat down before allowing him to sit.Once seated, Omar waved them away and slid over a menu. "Nice place you have here," Booker commented. "It belongs to my father," Omar shrugged. "When he passes, it will be mine. As will the rest of his estate."Booker looked out the window.

His Smile: when they lose themselves

which worked perfectly well with me. Isabelle, one of the girls in our group, pulled me to her and we were moving our bodies and shaking in time to the music. We were the dancers of our group so it usually worked that when we wanted to really dance we’d call on the other for some company. I could feel eyes on us. The other guys in the bar weren’t

Awakenings Ch. 14

at Danny's Lounge and met the two of you." Amy said, "Serendipity Michael. It happens to people all the time. When we least expect it we stumble on good fortune. Mel and I happened to meet at an audition and it changed our lives forever." Mel grinned. "Damn right it did. That day we both won the mega lottery." "Serendipity, I like that." Patting

The Rogue's Harem Book 2, Chapter 15: Princess's Naughty Lesson

all week, renting a room from a quiet boarding house near the University, a large room with a huge bed. The domesticity of it made me swoon in delight. Even if we had to spend long days in the library, we had our evenings together.A preview of our futures once the amulet was destroyed and Prince Meinard slain.“So, you found it?” Ava asked, her

After The Garden Party

"Number two in there?" came Christine's lilting tone. "Otherwise you should be out here, entertaining us with your sparkling wit."The rest of the party was leaden for me. A few of the women were quite pretty, none so much as my Princess, and every time I shook hands or hugged one of them, my wee-wee tingled. A few of the guys asked me if I wanted

Cheryl's Passion Ch. 02

is difficult. To make matters worse, the floor was made of concrete and was rough on my knees, but my mistress wished for me to kneel on the basement floor, so I submissively obeyed. While I knelt on the basement floor I waited for April to get ready for my tongue. She removed her shoes, her skirt and her panties. She took her time, didn't rush

The big night arrives

both holes, together too, he said it felt great, then she told him to put his cock in her ass with his fist and fuck her, but he cum quickly doing that, that's when I laughed a bit and said yer it is nice doing that.I asked him how he felt seeing me being fucked too, he said shocked but not disgusted, then after awhile he told me it kind of

The Unexpected Client Chapter 4

underside of his shaft. As she looked up at him, seeking his approval, she saw the animal lust in his eyes. She opened wider and started to work up as much saliva as she could so that he could slide easily between her tits. He started to thrust his hips and she closed her lips around him again, sucking him into her and encouraging him to fuck her

Fun on Cape Ann

I want you to do it, just not now." So, I crawled up and got my cock right up to her. I looked up and just a few feet away, Debbie and Ron were already screwing, her up on top riding him up and down, her breasts bouncing. I pushed and could feel the tip end of my dick go inside her and as I pressed some more, she wiggled and scooted around and

Vacation Time for Them Both Ch. 03

her lips seeing the couple, especially with the outfit Jazmin was in. They walked to the back wall of the store and looked through the selection of dildos and vibrators. They had a decent collection at home, that included, the new butt plug, a dildo that they made out of a clone a penis kit, it was a replica of Steve's penis so they could enjoy

Irresistible Ch. 02

bar, for a lunch and a beer. Maud, the tattooed redhead barmaid, was walking toward them carrying their beers when Mandy reached under the table, inside Joseph's shorts, and grabbed his all-too-accessible cock. He yelped and Maud grinned as she set down the mugs. "Y'all enjoy now," she winked."Joseph," Mandy cooed, "you seem to have forgotten

A Girl With A Secret

and I trust you. Do you trust me?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘I’ve wanted to tell you for a long time.’ She paused for a long time. ‘I guess there’s no easy way to say it,’ She said, sighing. ‘Actually, it sort of ties in with your story,’ she said, giggling a little but then looking as though she regretted laughing. Then she leaned over just a little bit more,

Numchucks: The Legend Ch. 05

of the river. The fine art of walking quiet with a big dog and rubber waders with gear across dry leaves and blown twigs is challenging. Choosing paths in the woods is like choosing paths in life. The whole world before us and yet the paths cut out of the grass already, lure us. There-fore the path is beaten down and guides us in a direction

Athena Ch.02

his hands and moved hers down to his hips, “Go on…” She urged, wanting him to enjoy himself, to help accept his own fate in all this.Robin swallowed some and felt the softness of her midriff under his hands, the fullness of the underside of her breasts resting against his fingertips tempting him as his mind still tried to process what she had

SIDE-AFFECTIONS - Mother and Son

licentious inclination toward your sibling or your parent, was ballooned by the use of my husband's invention.Now you see why it was outlawed. Why it became illegal. Yes, and my son and I are living proof that a smooth groove and a hairless hard-on with bald balls makes a potent combination. Explosive even, in the cums that were concussions

Little Sisters; The Best Pretty Please Pussies

bed and ran over to the drafting table I had set up in my room. She returned with two objects. Using the ruler, she measured and then muttered, “Seven & one half inches long.” Using the tape measure, she measured and then mumbled, “Six & one quarter inches around.” Scratching her head in bewilderment, she asked, “Mark, you’re the engineer,